I'm stealing this idea from Cam (Dramon Knight) but since his post isn't up yet, I'm going to claim it as my idea. :D Kidding, but just letting you all know IT WAS HIS IDEA. I AM SORTA COPYRIGHTING...

Anyways, his idea was to write about what you though about 2010. And I thought it was a brilliant idea and promptly told him I was going to steal it.

So what I thought about 2010...well, I joined Neo about halfway through the year, and nothing but good things have come from that. I met Cam, Kalia (xMoonLightx), Gwen (135jif), Louise (LT23), tyranitar999 (haven't spoken to her in a while, so if you read this, drop me a line :), Asphyxiating (she's currently doing a BB for Sims and so far it's amazing), nigmos and Simshero. And as long as they aren't hiding their secret physco-murderer side DEEP down inside, as far as I can tell they're all really helpful and friendly on the Sims 2 forum.

Also having to do with Sims and the internet, I am stalking people's stories and legacies over at the actual Sims 2 site, or whatever the name of it's called. I've also started my own legacy a few weeks ago, which I would constantly be playing if I didn't have a social life to worry about.

Aside from what some would deem boring online life, in my personal life, nothing much has changed; single and not hating it. School-wise though, I started high school. People told many thing that I should expect, like middle school doesn't prepare you for high school and whatnot, but I beg to differ. First semester grades were finalized a week or so ago, and I'm very happy with all my 1's (otherwise known as A's for us who don't understand GUHSD grading scale).

Wow, I think I've rambled on enough now for many posts, but I haven't done so in a looooong time, so I'll let you read this and do what you will with it.

Until next time, later!

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Does anyone know where I could post a question about my phone? Like it has some serious issues that I think could probably be solved by a person who has a lot more knowledge than me on all that sort of techy stuff. So does any one know?

1998 dodge durango snow technology

Really Neo? Now you're claiming I have TWO unread PM's?! No. I do not! It's really starting to bother me now. Unless they're like hidden in some random folder somewhere, I have no idea what you're talking about. So please, just stop?

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Hey uhm Neo? Why are you saying that I have an unread message when I clearly don't? I've even checked my "Unread PM" box and it says "No Messages Found." It's really no big deal, but it kinda bugs me and my OCD-ness...

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I felt so adult today and you'll never guess why so I'll just tell you: I called 911. Yup, me. And it wasn't for anything personal, let me start off by saying that. So here I go: My friend and I were walking to school when we hear CRUNCH. We look up towards 19th Ave and there is some smooshed cars. We pause for a moment and start saying things like "Should we call 911?" "I think we should." "Do you wanna call?" and so on and so forth until I take my phone out and dial. It even said "Emergency Call" on my phone's screen. I mean, I was like OMG this is my first real call to 911. It wasn't for anything major, but I felt pretty darn good about it. :)

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I had the strangest dream last night, that I just remembered. It went like this:

I was in some alley and following Professor Snape from the Harry Potter Movies. He had a big bucket thing and stopped at a swamp/lake. In the bucket was a bunch of recyclables and he was going to dumb them into the water when I said:

"I can take those home and recycle those if you want me to..."

He stood there staring at me, holding the bucket off the ground.

"If you pour that in there, I will never talk to you again."

Despite what I said, he dumps the whole thing in the water. Then next thing I remember is we're at this humongous house and my family and I are leaving. I went into Snape's room, and that's where I woke up.

I think was spurred by my thinking of Harry Potter recently and the fact that one of my friends was asking why I was such an eco-freak. Just because I believe in recycling and use a metal water bottle, doesn't make me an "eco-freak." Does it?

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The clock ticked by the minutes as we sat in the corner office. The man next to me was Seth Philips, another intern like myself. He began fidgeting with his tie and I twirled my hair.

"Ah! You must be the new interns!" The greeting was spoken from the white haired, portly man entering the room. "I'm your new boss, Mr. Samuels. If you have questions on anything, don't hesitate to ask. Now I am a very busy man and don't have time to chit-chat. Mimi will show you to your desks."

A petite woman opened the door, motioned us out, and shut the door behind her. "I'm sorry if Mr. Samuels was short with you, but he is terribly busy." Mimi lead us down carpeted hallway after carpeted hallway until we reached an office marked Nathaniel Evans. "Do whatever he tells you to." She turned on her heels and walked back the direction that we came from.

"Hello, hello, hello! You must be the new interns! Please call me Nathan as I find last names much too formal," the man said standing up to greet us.

I glanced over to Seth, but he made no move to speak first, "My name is Paige."

"Well, hello there Miss Paige. It's a pleasure to meet you." He said sitting back down and turning to Seth "And you are..?"

"Seth," He mumbled beneath his breath.

"Alright, good good. I know it's your first day and all, but I do have some work for you to do. Please follow me," He picked up some files on his desk and went out the door. I looked after him; waiting for Seth to follow first. He stood there and stared at his hands. Sighing, I went out the door.

And there you go. It's probably not the most interesting of beginnings you've ever read, but I promise it will get better. Comments and criticism are appreciated!

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"While everybody else is getting out of bed, I'm usually getting in it"

I was going to wait until morning, but I'm impatient. :) I write (occasionally) and want to put it out there for other people to see. However, I'm a scaredy cat and won't put it in The Writer's Lounge. It seems as if I blog it, it well be seen by less people. I don't know, weird logic going on in my mind here. But I want to at least start putting something out there because someday I plan to be an author. And authors have their work distributed in a myriad of places. I just have to get over my fear of being judged, so if I do ever post some of my writings, will you all give me honest critiques? I don't mean sugar-coated things, but honestly tell me if it's crap-tastical. Please, I don't want it left up if it's horrible. I'm rambling now, so I'll see how I feel in the morning. :)


I didn't even know Neo had a place for useres to blog. Show's how much of a newbie I am...anyways, I'll try to keep this blog for technical things (and the occasional rant :) since I already have a personal one. Oh and books/writing as I see those are Categories. This could be very interesting... :D

I just wanted to take the time and thank you all who are on here :)
Finally done with everything for end of quarter...thank goodness, I would have burst soon
How is it that I'm always distracted by something?
Oh Justin Bieber, I hate you for making catchy songs
Mator UFO is so ah-dorable!
I strongly dislike being partly insomnic
As soon as you're born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time
I am sucessful, but below average? Explain that
Haven't graduated any of my own Sims yet, they still have a year to go. Getting there, but it takes a looooooooooong time TheSims2University PC

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