flygonFREAK pet_star_luver
May 4, 07 3:01am
Thanks for signing my guestbook. As a token of my appreciation, I will return the favor and sign your guestbook.


Pokemonnerd8985 pet_star_luver
Apr 17, 07 3:46am
wanna b neofriens
email me on

i luv pokemon games
all pkmn in blue old version
and 4 lvl hundreds
and 6 lvl 80+
Ichigo_Rox pet_star_luver
Jan 11, 07 11:49am
I updated my bio and blah,so come buy any time, thanks for signing my guest book it was really kind of you. I started not so long ago so I was really surprised! How did you come across my guest book I'm curious!
I hope to see you around the forums!
tailsfreak99 pet_star_luver
Dec 1, 06 7:01pm
thanks o and im doing good on the sims two pets. still trying to marry even though i think you cant. if you want to talk to me about anything you can go to my email address have a pet tacular time on the sims 2 pets
Pokemon Ball pet_star_luver
Aug 17, 06 1:42pm
Hey,going around peoples guestbook since im leaving,so hheres a stamp^_^

Hope ya like it:D

Azn_Applecake pet_star_luver
Aug 14, 06 2:04am
I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

trunksluver2 pet_star_luver
Aug 2, 06 3:43am

You've been stamped by Trunksluver2...Thanks for signing my GB!!
Pretty Princess pet_star_luver
Aug 1, 06 4:29pm
hey pet_star_luver u earned a stamp

i have more but i have go sorry!
cafu2 pet_star_luver
Jul 17, 06 8:20pm
thanks for sighning my guest book and i thought i would return the favor anyways if you ever want to be neofriends just pm me or if you want to talk also just pm me c-ya
ShinyLatias pet_star_luver
Jul 12, 06 6:50pm
why thanks for signing my guestbook, its all fair i return the favour! lol c-ya! -ShinyLatias....hmmm it seams i need to make this 125 characters long. i dont really know what to say cus i dont know you that well, so thats why im typing what i am thinking! lol have a good day
LatiosLatias pet_star_luver
Jul 11, 06 4:09pm
here you are.

Hope you like it anyways see ya'