Welcome to my Neohome! You can learn more about me right here. There are many things here on Neoseeker that I love, so come know who i am Well anyway, to ill introduce myself, I'm pavak, but you can call me ,paka, . I come from india, and I'm proud of it. , I come from agra the city the city of the taj mahal, To me, it's the best place in the world. for me Enough about that though. My fave colour is green, then white, then purple, then red, then blue... i mostly hang out on Pokémon Forums,sites for chating just to let you know. On a side note, if you know me, then you should know that i like charizard,blaziken. i started coming on neoseeker since Neoseeker december 2010 , i was looking for ar codes when i found this site, I saw myself coming back here often, so one day i thought lets check out the whole site so on 12 june 2011 i joined neoseeker My Neofriends! I have many friendly friends here on Neoseeker. These are Neomembers on my friends list in my profile, so why not check out theirs? unchained1 eon80 squiggle bath kellyanne pokefan108 arcliff gay craig lemandro zoruarain13 geohulk dodobird133 jcross1000 foxeth playstrong2 astral dream pikachu22310 fbo nightwing baragon600 tigersnake but my best friends on neo r squiggle bath,kellyanne,geohulk,lemandro,pokefan108 and fbo TRADING and graphics recently got into it I mostly take trading requests through my threads and pm's check out any threads), . Be warned, however, as I mostly b on like nearly the whole day I will do anything that is sent to me through PM,well i mostly trade battle post on forums if u think u have seen me somewhere else ?? I am on a collection of other sites that i sometimes go on,if you think you've seen me around, PM me about it. serebii.net-linkin-park Club Penguin: pavak