Coming soon to a Good bookstore near you...Dont miss it!! heres a preview:

My favourite games are :
1. Super Smash Bros melee
2. The Legend of Zelda the windwaker
3. All Pokemon games on any console
4. All Dragonball Z games on any console (especially LOG 2 and Budokai 2)
5. Driv3r
6. Sonic Heroes (Xbox)
7. Halo (Xbox)
8. NFS Underground (Xbox)
9. Eyetoy Play (PS2)
10. Ninja Gaiden (Xbox)
11. Prince of Persia Warrior Within
12. The Legend of Zelda The Minish Cap

Next are my neofriends:

My neo friends(at this moment) are:

Larn (Best Friend)
Skaterstar57 (Best Friend)
Sosai X - (Best Friend)
Dark Link (Best Friend)
Legendary SSJ Goku
Short Circuit (Best Friend)
jespomo (Best Friend)
Neo Apocolypse (Best Friend)
ssy3 gotenks (Best Friend)
kittykat820 (Best Friend)
angelic_layer (Best Friend)
Miss Witching Hour (Best Friend)
HarvestMoonGirl (Best Friend)
SummonerSupreme (Best Friend)
Satokasu Suki (Best Friend)
Wonderful World (Best Uncle)

If it doesnt say (Best Friend) next to your name then it doesnt mean you're not my friend.

Next are my friends and family from Bolton (My hometown)

Friends from Bolton

Huzaifa ("Me and The Undertaker go way back"!!)

C Ronaldo (Football is my life!!)

biggy2004 (Big massive cousin in real life who finishes my pizza without asking)

mobza_819 ( My little brother who I love to annoy)

The Little Dubster (14 year old who is the size of a 6 year old)

sajid (The little Badger who lives in my street)

brat_2004 (Good guy)

Pablo Aimar (Awaiting GTA SA more than anybody else, pre ordered it 3 times)

Mu54 (Top guy, funny and very mischievious)

They are all good friends I hope to find more.

My policies:
If you PM me while i'm online I will Reply straight away if I'm offline then i'll reply as soon as i'm online so if you want to become friends just PM me while i'm online;)

If you sign my guestbook i'll sign back as soon as I see it.

Thats all for now

To be continued

see you later then


MSN Messenger

I also like to make up riddles, here are a few I made up (PM me if you know the answer)

Riddle 1. An aeroplane crashed on the border line between USA and Canada so where do you bury the survivors

Riddle 2. There was an electric train that was travelling south, which way does the smoke go?

Riddle 3.A learner Driver was going down the wrong side of the road, apolice officer was there but he did not stop him, Why??

Riddle 4. Imagine you are a bus driver, you start in Bolton where 10 passengers come on, you then go to Manchester where 5 come off and 2 come on, you then go to Blackpool where 6 come on and 3 come off, you then go all the way to London where 5 come off and 5 come on, you then come back to Bolton, so what is the bus driver's name?

Riddle 5. What is about to come,but never actually comes?

Riddle 6. A father took his son for a drive through the city, then they were involved in a serious car crash, the father died instantly and the son was severely injured, An ambulance was called and the boy was rushed into hospital, when the doctor came to operate the doctor said "Hold On! thats my son!" how was that possible?

If you know the answer, just pm me


[Sign my guestbook and i'll sign back
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