Wow, I have my own biography now, I must be awesome at Burnout Paradise! I haven't even completed the Bikes yet. (I have The Ultimate Box for PC)



I obviously enjoy Burnout Paradise, Forza Motorsport, Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix, and pretty well all of the Need For Speed games. It's not all racing games though, I enjoy playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Wii Sports - especially the tennis. James Bond: Quantum of Solace - The Game and many others.


I also enjoy watching most types of racing (cars and motorbikes). I also enjoy watching drifting and stunts.


I am currently reading the Artemis Fowl Series of books by Eoin Colfer, they are quite good. I have just finished Urgum the Axeman, that is a rather funny book and I recommend that and the Artemis Fowl series as a good read.


I like The Matrix, The Bourne Identity, The Bourn Ultimatum, I haven't seen the second one though The Bourne Supremacy. I also like I, Robot, Enemy of The State. James Bond Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. Generally most action films. I also like obviously car films, All three Fast and Furious films, The Italian Job, National Treasure (First one), The Terminator Trilogy. In terms of comedy, I like Blackadder, Little Britain, Mock the Week, Have I got News for You, I like Top Gear, Fifth Gear, The Gadget Show, and that's about it. Wow, that's long!


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