This is the neohome of a boring, yet psychotic person. So, to make it more interesting, the following aspects have been added, to make it seem more like a male-oriented hollywood movie (and since female-oriented hollywood movies typically make sense, they will not be made fun of): -- The word "shazzam" shall be used at least once per sentence, shazzam. -- All claims as to actions shall invariably involve several flying walruses for comedic effect, shazzam. -- Any time there is a shazzam dramatic pause, it will immediately be followed by an explosion. -- There will be a "love scene" which invariably involves a gratuitous shot of the main male lead's ass, an obvious appeal to the men coming to see explosions and to live out their secret homoerotic fantasies involving the main lead of action movies...shazzam. -- There will be a chosen one, who will be required to save the day at the last possible second after all the "unimportant" but vastly more interesting characters are dead, except for maybe the funny guy, because it has always been known, shazzam, that killing off the funny guy does not boost drama or sales. -- The awesomeness of the movie shall be exponentially proportional to the amount of explosions in the movie, shazzam, by the equation A = E ^ (E*14), where A is the awesomeness of the movie in funkounits, and E is the amount of explosive material used in the movie. If A does not exceed 85 funkounits, the movie will never be made. -- Jackie Chan will have a cameo, Karate chop someone, and narrowly escape dying by fighting off fifteen hundred extras while using only his brains, fists, and an assorment of lawn accessories, shazzam. -- The main male lead will encounter a woman at some point in the story, even if he is married and has 18 kids, shazzam. This woman will invariably fall completely in love with him, shazzam, regardless of her own ideals and morals, and will be treated as the ordained sex object for the rest of the movie. This use of storyline, while extremely useful in attracting a large male audience, requires the use of a familiar "hot actress," (Read: pornstar without a contract) who will have a total of 8 lines in the movie, mostly consisting of initial disdain, and eventual overbearing love of the main male lead, shazzam. -- There must be gratuitous use of a single sponsor, most likely seen regularly in the world outside of the movie, shazzam. This is to force the viewers of the movie that wish to idolize the main leads of the movie to use the same products as them, shazzam. -- If there are any overweight women in the movie, they will be killed in some way or another, shazzam, but if there is an overweight male character, he will invariably be the comic relief, and make fat jokes about himself. -- The main male lead will show the world how bad he is at faking crying, shazzam. -- Advirtisements for the movie will involve such insentives as "Seeing this movie may prevent anal leakage," shazzam, or "Has been known to increase sperm count in horses." Add these all together, and you will easily make six bajillion dollars by selling people the same thing they have seen their entire lives over and over again. You have reached the level of evil genius. ^_^