hi just thought i would sign your guest book i haven't really got anything to do so i thought i would just sign it for fun lol see ya around!
Do you like it? What it is? My new stamp, of course! Well, you must be proud for being stamped by me!!!

Hi! We have been creating together the"ADD ON STORY". It's funny! I hope we can be Neofriends 'cause I think you're a cool man.
I think I've seen you before, so I'm here to sign your guestbook. Since you might be here, wanna be neofriends?

Sign back if ya have time and PM me also as well. See ya around!

Super Shaolin.
hey thanks for signin my GB so i came to sign yours. srry no stamp but sure id like to be neofriends. ill be sure to add ya. and yes i like shadow
thanks for letting me have a part in your neo movie, hope we can be friends. if you need any help, you know who to ask ( was reffering to me you idiot )

Fine, I'll sign the god for saken thingy.
Welcome to neoseeker, you may be acting a bit new like normal people do, but you're doing it better then I used to do it. Believe me, my old posts were scary, welcome to neoseeker anyway. Sign back!