I was born in Boise Idaho. May 8 1998. The second child to my mom's third husband. My dad never let my mom cut my air for two years and I grew a bangin fro. And I went to London for my second birthday.
My mom had been in medical school and when she went to internship and residency, I lived with my grandparents. 4 years of hell. Homeschooling. Whoopings. Corporal punishment that never did anything to make me more obedient.
Finally in fourth grade (K through 3 with grandparents), I started living with my mom. She was an attending and I was in public school. Since I was homeschooled and never got out much I had little social skill and embarassed myself on many occassions and hated the immaturity of other kids. First was a few months in La Grande in Oregon. Then Ontario. Next was Boardman. Then back to Ontario. Then Reedsport for four years. Including three with a terrible person. Now I am back in Ontario again. I am going to go to Barrow Alaska for 28 days. 200 miles into the arctic circle. 60 degrees below zero. If you take a breath without anything warming the air coming into your lungs, they will freeze into solid crystal. And you will DIE. My mom is trying to bribe me into going with a 3DS. I think it is working.

I hope the story bored you.


Playing Skyrim and sometimes FPS games.


Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?
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