Ughh, still sick :( I had to go through midterms while I'm sick TwT need rest
I'm not really expecting to be sick but I hope I feel better tomorrow so I can finish all the trades :) I apologize
Gesture drawings are really fun to do :3
Music is music, no matter what language it's in.
sigh, college week again :( sorry If I didn't get the chance to finish all the pending trades
I'm back! will be arranging a few things and we can continue all the pending trades!
College week! will be gone for 3 days :)
Hansel and Gretel \(-.-\) why are koreans so good with their movies? x)
Miracle in Cell No.7 \(TwT\) i regret watching it
Drawing class is really stressing me out xD

pachirisu is adorable

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