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Apr 16, 16 5:35am

Sooo, I haven't drawn anything for awhile due to the pressure I have in college and the standards that I'm forced to follow in order to get a good grade. Sometimes I think that maybe this is not for me. Did I really make a good choice to pursue this as my career? I'm not even sure what I want. Do I want to be an illustrator? an animator? a production artist? a concept artist? a photographer? I don't know.

A lot of people think being an artist is just draw, create, produce and that's it.
Not a lot of them think about the scene behind it. Do you ever wonder why movies take years to produce (Inside Out took 6 years to finish)? How expensive someone's commission fee? How little sleep a manga artist have? Being an artist is filled with work load, and not a lot of people are appreciative of the effort that these people give. It takes YEARS of experience to be able to call yourself a professional. Because there is no such thing as being "good enough" in the art world. You must keep improving, get yourself out there, connect with others or just stay in your comfort zone.

Being an artist is not about just drawing. You also must learn how to communicate, to observe, to be patient and etc. You must also know how everything functions, because what's the purpose of a character if you don't know how they would move or function, your character would end up stiff. I really look up to concept artists, they are able to produce original designs/ideas that they know that it is reasonable. It's not easy to come up with something original. Plus, getting your art known out there is hard work. Your works get over shadowed by artists who are well known or basically better than you. Though it's not about how good you are, it's about your strategy. It's up to you on how to get yourself noticed. Yeah, it's kind of depressing really

In where I live, majority underestimate AB students (Bachelor of Arts), that what we are trying to pursue is easier than of an engineer, a scientist, or a teacher. Well, comparing something subjective to objective is just irrelevant because it's two different things. It's like comparing Einstein to Leonardo Da Vinci. Subjective and Objective can not live without each other. It would be nice if we weren't compared to what society thinks are much helpful for the community. Without artists, you are not able to have music, movies, books, video games or basically media itself.
And that mentality of "artist's are poor". Well yeah, we spend money for years of study/training. Do you know how expensive art materials are? programs? and there are people who complain why we sell our works in such a high price. That they want their "commissions" free.
WOW, this is ridiculous.

^see this. DON'T DO THIS

Art/Design is not just about putting random colors, random fonts, random images. It's more than that, there are so MANY rules to follow. Like Billboard Ads, you must have an easy to read fonts, that people can understand it in a glimpse. Ahh all of these are so complicated that I want to bang my head on a wall.

Now, I'm able to join a creative workshop to get myself back in the art scene and to learn how to act professionally. I want to talk about this more but I'm lazy and I have to fix my research manuscript haha hue maybe next timee
Apr 8, 16 11:42pm
Medibang is probably one of the greatest programs for illustration and it's absolutely free.
Apr 4, 16 3:50am
Prune juice tastes like blood and it's making me cry
Apr 4, 16 3:27am
In order to improve your skills in art is to get slapped by reality ;v;
Apr 3, 16 5:43am
The longer you live, the longer you suffer. But as long as you're alive, there will always be hope.
Apr 2, 16 10:58pm
"Genocide route is going to be easy" *battles the same character over and over for weeks* "I take it back"
Mar 29, 16 2:30am
New upcoming sport animes. Looking forward to the figure skating one. More hot anime guys
Mar 21, 16 1:12am
Everything have gone to hiatus mode ;-;
Mar 19, 16 12:01am
Can't wait for the full-length film of Van Gogh
Mar 14, 16 9:00pm
I found my new tagline: Pathetic and Aesthetic It fits me so well
Mar 14, 16 6:52am
Miraculous Ladybug be ruining my life Japan better keep their promise about that OVA
Mar 9, 16 4:51am
I'm always late in joining a fandom
pachiri-soo shared a forum thread
Feb 29, 16 2:57am

What form of art have you experienced on doing? Was it hard? Did you find it appealing? Are you still using this style up un

Feb 29, 16 12:20am
Leo won an Oscar. The time has finally come! (New memes incoming)
Feb 28, 16 10:48pm
Chinese watercolor painting would be one of the hardest things I have done in my life
Feb 27, 16 4:08am
Now to make Ex Mettaton leg bookmarks
Feb 27, 16 12:25am
I have finally played Undertale. Also taking the Genocide route for my 2nd gameplay. Okay, I get the hype now. I get it ;-;
Feb 24, 16 7:53pm
Getting jumpscared by the school anthem was something I did not expect
Feb 11, 16 4:52pm

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