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Don't let your dreams just be dreams
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Jul 02, 15 1:13am Color scheme is the choice of colors in design. Color s

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Jun 30, 15 8:39am What do you think will the fu

Jun 26, 15 10:23pm
Jun 24, 15 8:59am
It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong
Jun 24, 15 8:21am
You are the sole creator of your own universe, the architect of your life
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Jun 24, 15 7:48am (It's a similar thread that I made in Art Central)

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Jun 24, 15 7:31am _The meaning of a color_ There are millions of colors th

Jun 23, 15 9:06am
Jun 23, 15 3:50am
"There's no such thing as a good war, Steven."- Mr. Universe
Jun 22, 15 7:36am
I want my own familiar
Jun 22, 15 3:05am
You exist, but do you feel alive?
Jun 21, 15 5:38am
I really don't know
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Jun 21, 15 2:00am (Yep, I tried drawing on my plate. I tried) Hey every

Dragonmaiden pachiri-soo
Jun 20, 15 10:12pm
Sure :D
alroy214 pachiri-soo
Jun 20, 15 9:00am
Why are you soo blue? cx
Jun 20, 15 7:11am
Rebecca Sugar really did an amazing job on Steven Universe. The art is so good *o*
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Jun 17, 15 6:21am

Assistance in Evolution Service _I n t r o d u c t i o n_ Welcome to a new and fresh A.I.E.S, to give assistance to those

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