Classmate showed Kill La Kill, new favorite anime
Excited for Feb. 8 :3
Few of my classmates have the sniffles and I'm one of them. It's the sniffles choir :>
Oil pastels are so stressful
Okay, I'm sick but still going to college. Can't afford to miss any classes TwT
I really love how an evil genius Lelouch is :3 CodeGeassMarathon

I remember back then how popular it was and I always play it, practically it became part of my childhood. I always choose t

Sore throat and a Runny nose. I think I'm getting sick
For Signature art request, PM me ^_^
Your new avatar looks very cute and mad c:
Time for some Fullmetal Alchemist marathon :>

What's your favorite? I'm not talking about games that you play on a computer/tv screen. Games where you play with ot

I should stop talking to myself in public. It is already bad enough that someone caught me talking to myself.
I really want that Pachirisu 3DS XL <.< Must.Have.

Do you just wake up not able to move, speak or scream? Seeing and hearing weird and terrifying things? It's crazy, right

I just need a Togepi in my life
Experiencing another series of arts block, sigh
It's 3AM, keep waking up to a mosquitoe buzzing on my ear >.< I'm under attack!
I'm just really glad my university has alot of otakus. Got my eon ticket yesterday, did not thought it was possible :3
I finally caught a Shiny Mesprit after 3 days of soft reseting *O* First successful soft reset :3

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