Hi, my full name is Mitchell Tyler Antalek. I am training a guide dogs for the blind, currently. His name is Geary... Lace Passed!!!!

- Video games (duh) (my favorite FPS is Half life 2, but my favorite game of all time is: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
- Dogs
- animations
- Paintball (as my username implies)
- X-box live!!! (rocks)
- blue
- most first person shooters

- Mushrooms (they can BURN IN HELL for all i care)
- People who drive slow in the fast lane
- Dial-up (HAHAHA!! U suck dailup i have DSL u can burn in hell along with the mushrooms)
- rich paintballers who's daddy or mommy goes out and buys them the best gun on the market, when all they do with it is give the bunker in front of them a new, fresh coat of paint.
- when people say "happy holidays" it NOT happy holidays it's "Merry Christmas" (why dont they want 2 reference Christianity and the reason there is a "holiday"; Jesus)(aaahhhhh! he said JESUS)(Yes i did what r u gonna do about it?)
- 5th period english
- long downloads (Thank God for DSL)
- playstation (the only good game is GTA)
- My old paintball gun (it sux)
- Zuccini (the center of all evil of the world Burn in hell along with dialup and mushrooms HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! zuccini sux it's disgusting)
- skateboarding games (like tony hawk proskater 3,000,000 or however many there are) :P
- games with crappy storylines (like OMG he killed my cat, now im out for revenge as i kill 30000000 people while doing it)
- anyone who says that the legend of zelda:OOT sucks
- cheat codes for games (they make the games no fun, unless they are glitches)


My favorite sport is paintball
video games
movie making


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Review: Counter-Strike - Best FPS ever!!!!!

Dec 15, 2004

This is the coolest first person shooter game i have ever played. the premise of the game is a lot different than your traditional Terrorist/counter-terrorist game. in most games you would play souly as the counter-terrorist, in CS u can...

Why do you want to know, Pervert ??!?!

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