The Parable Of The Clown

"When you go to a circus, and a clown performs, their job is to make you happy. That is the purpose of a clown. This is the reason why the clown exists. The clown's purpose in existence is to make the people at the circus happy, and the people watching laugh, and smile, and gasp in amazement at all the things the clown does, and they watch the clown, and they feel better about themselves and their lives. They are happier. The clown has given them happiness, a fleeting, meaningless happiness. The people watching say, thank you, clown, we love you clown, and in that instant, what they are saying is probably true.

Then the clown walks offstage, and the performance is over. The people get up and leave, and they know what to do next. The next step is to forget about the clown. Keep hold as best they can to the fleeting happiness the clown has given them. Forget about the clown.

Forget about the clown."


Who are you? The clown, or the person? Or both?