F1 2015 = F1 2014 minus Ricciardo's car being the best of the rest :(
Wanted to enjoy Love Live but couldn't. The third-years were too bitchy, especially Eli. SorryLoveLiveFans
I want to believe in humanity, but all too often I have moments where it feels like I'm surrounded by IDIOTS.
There seems to be a recent trend to make a member update that is the name of a game/anime, without elaborating on what they think of it...
The Socceroos win the Asian Cup, and Campbell Newman is out of office. Today was a good day...
In Real Racing 3 it feels like you're racing against 21 Lewis Hamilton's, and not in a good way. Complete lack of racing etiquette...
Meet the new year, same as the old year...
GT6 is taking a gamers century to install...
Death water is real...
TFW Fernando is faster than you...
I hate "Political Correctness Assholes"...
*Accidently stumble upon PewDiePie video* *Zero surprise sex jokes in entire video* WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?
Rule 137; Pedestrians in a street racing game will always dive out of the way of an oncoming car just in time to avoiding getting hit.
Ate tomato pieces for the first time in years today. Not bad actually, I'm not sure why I had it in my head that they tasted bad...
If you are tone deaf, just start yelling every note and everyone will think you're a good singer anyway :P
Magyarország really is a mouthful to say properly. This is why the rest of the world just calls them Hungary.
Referral posts are the spawn of hate!
"Our bank balance of 7 million dollars needs to be protected well. So we spent 7 million dollars on this new state of the art safe."
Breaking news; the FIA stewards reveal their top secret methods to determining which driver caused the collision; http://bit.ly/1qlrb44
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