Back in my day, we used the X button to accelerate and the R2 button to gear up...
Just added the International Court of Appeal to the list of people I plan on killing first when I take over the world.
To celebrate the release of X, we're giving you the chance to win Y, which is related to X! Cliche
I've always had trouble learning languages of the world. Good thing English is such a widespread language, otherwise I'd be screwed.
The reason why the police confiscate drugs is that they want to smoke it themselves.
87 minutes until fuel economy run. F1
Found out today that Cooldown Hugs don't work. TvTropesLiedToMe
Hoodlums hijacking our member updates list!!!!
Chess: The only game where rage-quitting is not only allowed, it's welcomed!
Who dares to try to stop the time bomb!?
For stat freaks: Russell Wilson's QB rating in the Super Bowl was 123.1, Peyton Manning's was 73.5.
I have just discovered that the final boss of the internet is the dreaded Hashtag. Now I just need to think up a strategy to beat it...
Talking to strangers is like playing Russian roulette; usually they're nice, but there's always a chance that they'll be a douchebag...
ABC3's new-found obsession with the word 'Smackdown' is going to get them sued by the WWE sooner or later...
New layout? Brace yourself, shitstorm is coming...
Crabs are more dangerous than candy canes Stephers
Use levitation spell to dunk from the 3-point line mundanemagicuses
Just saw Derrick Rose being put on the plane in a box labelled 'Fragile; please handle with care' :(
Is 'Chronic Laziness' a medical condition? Because I think I have it right now :(
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. In short, don't start a war; it never works.
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