Feb 6, 10 1:22am
this game is beastly nuf said AlteredBeast
Oct 30, 09 3:52am
im at the shinra building once i get to the part where i have to sneak across the room and if i get caught they attack me im stuck FinalFantasy7
Oct 30, 09 3:49am
I am now exploring new dungeons to get legendaries already got one PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfTime
Oct 11, 09 4:35am
im trying to beat that bastard Reno with his pyrimid spam FinalFantasy7
Oct 10, 09 5:40pm
Me and my buddy just go to the final Wesker battle what do we do when Sheva has to hold on to the ledge??????????????????????????????? ResidentEvil5
Oct 10, 09 5:38pm
Just graduated from the guild and got destrooyed in Zero Ilse East PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfTime
Oct 10, 09 5:36pm
Trying to beat the five trials in cave of trial what a doozie of a chapter FinalFantasy4Advance
Oct 8, 09 4:18am
depression is takeing over

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