Relmutsie AN overKill
Nov 6, 13 8:34pm
Turns out I bought Y
Aug 8, 13 12:58pm
Working hard or working harder, I always say.
Aug 1, 13 8:53am
I'm conducting a survey on neo members - they're not quite like monkeys but there are distinct similarities.
Aug 1, 13 8:19am
Asking questions puts you on the path to success.
overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 31, 13 5:55pm

So, I recently disabled my AdBlock Plus in favour of supporting the sites I love and hoping to find/learn some new things. Ba

Jul 31, 13 4:23pm
Benefiting yourself while contributing to society is infinitely rewarding.
Jul 30, 13 8:30pm
The single greatest trait is determination.
overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 30, 13 7:43pm

Is it possible to update a user's NeoStatus via the API? I've noticed that you can "get" a lot of things

Jul 30, 13 5:50pm
Working on something to benefit all seekers : Jan 2014.
overKill shared a forum thread (@Swampert X)
Jul 29, 13 3:31pm
Help out on the quest to raise NeoWiki awareness and contribution

@Avalith, you once asked what withheld people from contributing to wiki's and I made a comment (if I say so myself ^^) ab

Jul 29, 13 7:38am
The moment you realize you forgot to account for items with the same name but different data
Jul 28, 13 6:15am
Got 100k+ files that have to be compiled together, organized, put in queue, proofed, and uploaded. Shit.
overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 27, 13 12:41am!%26n

Jul 26, 13 10:29pm
Tomorrow I get to add meta data to 7k+ pages. :(
overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 26, 13 2:57pm

I went to to create a theme, that I would then send to a super to have

overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 26, 13 1:48pm

While going through checking data that did not have an icon - I noticed these. I couldn't find icon data on any other fan

Jul 26, 13 12:41pm
I dreamed I drove a Mercedes SLR and a Camaro. Best dream.
Jul 26, 13 2:23am
Welp - looks like I'm done for today. Good night
overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 26, 13 2:19am How to recreate: look here I somehow

overKill shared a forum thread
Jul 26, 13 12:11am

So, Darksiders II is 80% off, for only $9.99, on steam - is the game worth the 10 bucks?

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