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Dishonored is absolutely fantastically frustratingly awesome.
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Apr 2, 11 4:43pm

What's up guys, Ally here.

I've been playing a lot of CoD4 recently, love the sniping way too much in this game. I've been pulling beastly scores as of late, 31-3s, 29-1s, 25-2s, so I thought I'd prestige and go to Level 55 sniping only.

I'm currently around level 11, so I'm going to quickly beast-mode through the rest of this prestige (AK-74u and P90 <3) and start up a little series here on the blog

Basically I'll be writing the following down:

K/D (30-3 10.0)
Spread (30-3 +27)
EXP. Gained (3000XP)
Milestones (100 kills with M40A3)

I'll also write down the stats at beginning of the series and the stats at the end of the series, aswell at any particular milestones (Level 5, Level 15, Level 25, Level 35, Level 45 and Level 55)

If the series goes well and doesn't take up too much time, I'll go through the same for every Call of Duty game; World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

After Modern Warfare 3 has came out and I've played through that a few prestiges I'll also do this same challenge.

Any ideas or tips can be placed in the comments section or via PM.


M40A3 w/ no attachment, USP (replaced by Desert Eagle)
Perk 1: 3x Special Grenade (replaced by 3x Frag then Bandolier)
Perk 2: Stopping Power (I'll mostly be playing Core TDM)
Perk 3: Deep Impact (Replaced by Dead Silence)

I don't use ACOG as I am a mixture of Hutch's ideology and WingsOfRedemption's ideology for sniping. Quickscoping is necessary, but if I want the beast scores I expect to achieve then scoping in for the kill is also necessary. Defensive until I get into my groove, usually get up to the Airstike and Chopper, then run around through their spawn quickscoping. If I run out of ammo, then it's pistol or a picked-up weapon (probably another sniper or a MP5 knowing CoD4 eh? :D)

Thanks for reading guys, you can predict this series starting up in a few weeks!
Jul 4, 10 8:48am
oRiginal states that if you question his stance on Communism then you shall be STALIN'D.
Feb 17, 10 5:07am
Original states that he is a theoretical communist yet a practical capitalist
Dec 2, 09 9:48pm
Stop PMing me about being a communist.
Nov 4, 09 6:51am
is helping a pregnant girl. BRB
Aug 24, 09 4:59am
is watching you.
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Mar 10, 09 5:55am

(Please note I'm copied and pasted this off the site from which I had originally posted.)

So yeah, I am starting my first book. I am expecting it to be between 150-200 pages, and I'm planning on finishing it around...next year. So yeah, have fun, hope you enjoy the prologue.

X-WING Series - Book 1 - Night Squadron - Retreat of Coruscant


Kal frantically swerved right, and then left, furiously trying to get that Imperial TIE-Fighter off his tail.

'Get him off me'!, he screamed into the squadron comlink.


'Mynock, get a status report on the squad. All frequencies. NOW!'

Mynock, Kal's R2 droid, moaned in disbelief and horror.

'What..'?, Kal asked in a questioning tone. Mynock's text scrolled across the datapad infront of him. He quickly looped the fighter tightly around, and collided with the TIE-fighter. Fortunately for Kal, he had shields. Not so fortunate for the TIE, for they aren't equipped with shields. He glanced back at the datapad, gasped, and slumped back into his seat. He couldn't believe it. He was the only one left.

*BEEP* 'Kal!'.

'...Who is this'?, answered Kal carefully, his heart thudding against his chest.

'HURRY KAL! We're almost wiped out!', answered the voice again.

He recognized that voice. That was Ordo. Ordo was his friend. His ex-squad mate.

'Sending co-ordinates now.', said Ordo, and as Kal pointed his smoking X-Wing towards the sky, he took one last glance at Coruscant, in all it's burning glory, as he pulled the hyperdrive lever and jumped out towards Yavin IV, the last safe haven for the New Republic.


Somewhat short. I'm wanting criticism for improvement. I'm dedicating my time to this over my Mayday and Summer Holidays. Should get atleast 1/3 of the book finished after the summer.


Chapter 1-10 Plan

I'm going to expand on the retreat from Coruscant, it should take 100 pages up by itself, seeing as it's the main point of the story. This is going to include:

Invasion of Coruscant
Chase through Coruscant
Retreat from Coruscant.


Chapter 11-18 Plan

This is going to be placed at Yavin IV. Of course, this is where Luke Skywalker has built his Jedi Academy. The character might. or might not, discover his force abilities then, if he has any. This is going to be the plan I follow:

In the atmosphere - Friendly Fire
Meeting Ordo again
Luke Skywalker
Jedi Academy
Plans to retake Coruscant
On their way to Coruscant

And that concludes the first book. Hopefully, this will all be done in one or one and a half years, which may change the basic plan of the story. I plan to research the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV more, and Coruscant. I plan to somehow get images of our friend Kal and Ordo. I then want to maybe actually contact LucasArts or whoever currently owns the rights to the Star Wars books franchise, and send them portions of the book for them to read. Maybe that's going abit far, but I'm ambitious. :)

smoking owl cool lightning igniting tigers clan subdivision ecto5 other books
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Feb 14, 09 7:06am

So as I sit here, throwing my tennis ball of the nearby wall, I think to myself.. why not start a blog on this hellish site?

So.. yeah.

Every few days, I will post a new blog, just saying what's happened and what hasn't happened..

So.. let's get started..

Fainting, Love, Rejection, and other

Ok, so, first things first.. most probably the sorest part of the week: Fainting.

I fainted on Thursday the 12th of February. Twice. Firstly, I fainted on my way to the fireplace, where I fell into as I fainted. I got slightly singed, and my favourite pair of jeans.. well.. let's just say there's a big hole where my 'hole' should be.

Second time, I was pouring myself some water, as I was quite shaky. I fainted, and split my head open a bit as I smacked it off the kitchen's tiled floor.

After I fainted the second time, my father took me to hospital (which I live right beside). They took my blood pressure and some reflex tests, all which came up normal.

So I got an appointment for today, where they took some blood. No big deal. Should be getting my results next week, which I shall post here if they are not too serious. Wish me luck.

So let's move onto my love life. God.. where to start?

I am 14 years of age, so maybe people will say I don't know what love means. But, for the purpose of this blog, I shall say love instead of 'thinking I am in love, when in fact I am dreadfully just a ignorant teenager who doesn't know what love is.

I am, well.. I was.. still am.. but moving on, with this girl. She's no stunner, but you couldn't call her ugly. She has a great personality, which I found surprising as we near polar opposites. She likes performing, while I like doing the behind-the-scenes work.

Anyway, we are basically best friends, always talking to each other, being there for each other. I liked this.. I didn't want to ruin it. So I waited for 3 months until I asked her out.

Unfortunately, she said no. Awkwardly, she kept saying sorry. Badly, she used the shitty excuse 'I don't want to ruin what we already have'. I felt like shouting at her, 'Why do you think it took me so long just to ask you?!'. I, to my credit, held my temper.. well.. for a day anyway.

We got into a raging row the next day, where I basically acted like a right dick towards her. She started crying, which just makes me much more sad it had to happen. So, we stopped being friends for a few days. Until a few days ago, we wasn't speaking, so I took the plunge and said sorry, repeatedly, and
now we're just basic, normal friends. We're getting there.. but it might take awhile.

I was talking to one of her friends after we got into a row, and the conversation eventually lead to the question, 'Would you ask her out again?'. Needless to say, I was abit confused. I told her friend, if she didn't say yes the first, why bother asking her a second time? The friend looked abit confused, and said that maybe she did like me.

So yeah, major confusion.. I'm starting to have a crush on someone else.. but she still lingers on the back of my mind.

Thanks for tuning in, folks.

Next update: Monday.


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