This is a box. This is a sandbox. My box is a sandbox. Thanks to Quierta for my sandbox.

Now, here's what I hate:

I hate the news media, I hate we can do nothing about the world around us, I hate the way our world is run, I hate malice, I hate the way animals are treated, I hate the way our women are treated, I hate the way the elderly are treated, I hate the way we're judged based on appearances, I hate how what we made a mistake with will always haunt us, I hate how everyone judges my country while knowing really nothing, I hate bigotry, I hate racism, I hate how degrading pornography is to humans, and I hate disloyalty. Above all else, I hate liars and their double standards.

Expect that to have more added to it eventually. As you can see, I hate most everything commonplace in this world today.

I'm not sure life even has a meaning. If there is a meaning at all, it is to find a meaning in life.