TheLord968 orez
Feb 20, 05 6:15am

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Bluice orez
Feb 17, 05 10:17pm
Hey there this is Bluice I wanted to sign your guest book for and well I dont really hae much to say I guess ill be seeing you around well im out.
Harvest Moon girl orez
Feb 16, 05 2:36am

Okay Okay its a day late..sorry XD
I didn't have enough time and stuff
I hope you had an awesome Valentine's Day though ^^

Now gime me back my avi you biotch
I want it back XD
Stupid dumbass(I'm your favorite slut =O XDD)
See ya later *hugs*
Shana orez
Feb 14, 05 7:33am


<3 Happy Valentine's Day~
Satokasu Suki orez
Feb 11, 05 2:42am
Hey there.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mr Sponget orez
Feb 1, 05 7:12am
...... ........ ........ .......... .... ... .... ....... ....... ........... ..... ....... ......... ........ ...... ...... ....... ......... ...... ..... ....... ..... ...... ..... ........ ......... ........ ......I HATE YOU RARARAR.
HBK619 orez
Jan 6, 05 9:45am
Just testing out this whole new guestbook signing stuff, so how are you?

See ya on msn then I guess.


Satokasu Suki orez
Jan 6, 05 3:43am
Nice avatar.

You seem like a cool person.

Take care!
DarthVolcanus orez
Dec 31, 04 8:57pm
Just felt like signing your guestbood, even though your not on team yumland

Llegend orez
Dec 19, 04 8:51pm
Hahaha ... thnx for sign my GBook ...

For that I'll sign yours ...

Now gimme' the Chocolate Chip Cookie ...

Or else I shall shoot you

JK ...

K I yo ko orez
Nov 27, 04 12:10am
Feel Special, you got stamped by me!

tom111 orez
Oct 29, 04 10:19pm
Enjoy it orez.

Or this man will come after you.LOL
battleboy645 orez
Oct 20, 04 9:08pm
keep up the good work and hope u become the mod for toc or tob
sign back.
DQ Maniac orez
Oct 11, 04 2:48am
SuperSora orez
Oct 10, 04 3:31pm
uhhhh i don't think i've signed your gb so uh.... thanks for stating the rpg i owe you big time! well see ya later. hope the mmbn5 games are all they are thought to be. to bad i won't save you money on car insurence! why haven't you called geico!
Cuddman orez
Sep 11, 04 4:28am
Hey Orez! Thought I'd drop by and sign!
Here's my Zero stmp. I think Zero rocks!
Gunlap orez
Sep 10, 04 5:54am
heh i didn't even know about these until not so long ago when i found out u can post imgs in ur neo home... lol well as u told me to i signed.... wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hi hih ih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!
0Zero0 orez
Aug 27, 04 5:01am
Yes, Linkin Park is the best. I have seen them in concert and it was one of the most amazing experiences ever written. Thousands of people screaming the lyrics to some of the greatest songs ever. My friend even got to shake Rob Bourdon's hand (the drummer), and his brother caught Rob's drumstick, but some 250 pound guy wrestled it away from him. But the concert... Awesome!

Well, welcome to Neoseeker (I saw that you're pretty new). I'm guessing you saw me in some Mega Man forum because you seem to like it. I'm also a big fan.

Well, see you around the site. Have any questions, just PM me.
silver_tidus orez
Aug 26, 04 4:49am
only have one sign. sigh i feel sorry for u man. Great neo home, And alot of neofriends?

Enjoy my stamp

Crash Freak orez
Aug 23, 04 1:00am
Hi Orez!I just wanted to sign your guestbook.I think you are cool! Join this site:


E-mail me at: