Happy Holidays
& a Merry Christmas


Thanks for that sick Randy Header:) You should try your hand at GFX wars, even though you might be in already.

thanks for signing my guestbook

well there's a min 125 character length so i have to write more

this is my first stamp

I know I didn't use that stamp you made for me, but still I appreciate the effort, so thanks for the try.
Thanks for the stamp, and letting me in the MITB Tourney I was quite please Jeff is now the ECW Champion.Oh and by the way . Thanks again.
Here it is thanks again
and thanks for entering me in the money in the bank toury

Cheers once again for it
I'm also a Cena fan who do you think he will face at Backlash?
I would say HBK and Edge in a TripleThreatMatch
Okay, okay, so someone has too much spare time on his hands during Easter weekend =\

Decided to make a gay stamp in MSPaint, and then declare my gayness with a retarded stamp! Wow, could there be no better way to celebrate the holidays.

Anyway, if you aren’t too offended by Dick Cheney, Peter from the Chronicles of Narnia, and some random guy from Google assaulting an innocent old Easter Bunny, I request that you sign back, if not just to spare the Easter Bunny’s life. Don’t worry, I have a gun to his neck

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Sincerely bellowing,
thx for the stmp you made your the first one to get it