Darksiders 2? Please and thank you microsoft. I can't wait. I am always right on the verge of... read more

As a fan of zelda since I was able to hold a controller and properly use it, I also hope Tingle is... read more

Dreadlock Holiday I know exactly what you mean, August is going to drag so badly. read more

quote Dreadlock Holiday
There is a fair bit of anger from gamers who pre ordered the game to get...
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Too bad that a trial doesn't work for this. I have a seven day gold trial and I can't gain access.... read more

quote Aeolus426
"the final episode on the Season 1 DLC pack" that's not good.
if they come out with more dlc that...
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quote Huntereb
I saw him in Poker Night 2 with Claptrap I think, so I think he's already met his friends, or at least...
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Looks to me like there is the outline of a character where the crest logo meets the chain. No idea who though. read more

quote Yay4sean
Either way, I do not really believe the accuracy of the ratings are that important. Anyone old enough...
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The game is amazing. I love the fact that it isn't just "look how big her boobs are! Look how this camera angle... read more

I might pick this up. Might wait till I finish Tomb Raider(AMAZING). Despite my utter disgust at the original ending... read more

quote Oglop
For the first time in my life, I'm not getting an AC game on the day it releases.

AC3 was a major...
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I love how up their own ass the gaming community has become. A game series releases a yearly game and that is... read more

This is a series that I am ok with seeing milked. I haven't played an Assassin's Creed yet that doesn't get me... read more

BlackScythe Not to be "that guy" but how are season passes not a good thing? A discounted price on new content for a... read more

I hope the extra stuff explains the time period between the ending and Clem's walk in the field. Love the game though. read more

800 ms points is equal to $10 USD. Not sure how I feel about it being 3 parts. As long as they are decent length I... read more

Haters gonna hate. Lewis retires on ring number 2. B-More takes it baby. 49ers played a hell of a game.

That reasoning is about as backhanded as all that war Z shit lol. We are benching it because you didn't understand... read more

If you lower your helmet going into a hit with Pollard, your gonna have a bad time.

I am interested in this game because of the lore. The gameplay could be utter shit and I will still play it, I love... read more

No one is faulting you for thinking what you thought bluexy Kratos has been known to get down with the whore or... read more

After playing through Mass Effect 1 again, and starting Mass Effect 2 again, I like 2's gameplay more. More to do!