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Jul 31, 16 6:05pm

_Gammoth_ A massive blue and red Fanged Beast that resembles a Mammoth, it is mainly f

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Jul 27, 16 6:50am

_Astalos_ This dark green Flying Wyvern uses electricity to attack which I can release fro

one piece fan
Jul 27, 16 6:49am
Time to make the Fated Four Weapons
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Jul 15, 16 3:44pm

_Glavenus_ Now that Monster Hunter Generations has been released, I will be continuing off of

one piece fan
Jul 11, 16 7:18pm
Less than 5 days until MH:Gen
one piece fan
Jul 29, 15 4:15am
Thanks bbb7002004
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Jul 28, 15 5:08am
OMG the charge blade is so good, monsterhunter mh4u

Ok so I am currently on a mission to get 100 usage on all weapons and have decided my next one will be Charge Blade, DEAR LOR

one piece fan
Aug 11, 12 6:15pm
it is my favorite sims game i have played TheSims2Castaway
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