Name: Justin Durso
age: 15
occupation : Now highschool student 9th grade, Computer/Comic/Graphic Artist
Love life : nune[until i meet her]
Computer love life : Me and SB broke up.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Freinds in real life:
Chris/Madshadow...(still freindly, not good freinds though)
And shane/not on neo
neo friends to maney to say [lots and lots lol]
Curent Emotion: Boared, Anime mood, and Perverted lol jk XD



Best girl is sweet blossom, unfortunetly there will be no wedding, and no more love really : / and sweet blossom broke up, i understood her completely on why she wanted to break up, and even if neo relations ships aren't as close to serious ones, it is still preasureful. But will be freinds ^^

Dragon 2000= NeoFreind of this month. 65 pms last month till now, and more coming lol.
Go Dragon! lol...

Tom111- awesome kid, we talk once in awhile these days, and he really has some funny awesome stories to tell ^^ lol

YoshiStar- awesome neobro! really funny and really great at graphics, and drawing. keep up the great work bro!

(my real life cusins) you know who u are obviously, rock on, you guys rule lol XD!

TR- frigin awesome kid!, we are living the same life in different areas of the earth it's scarey
lol, but overal, an awesome neofreind.

SlangX-awesome person. tought him how to make some banner effects, and he is cool, he was very patient with the lessons as well ! rock on!

Danniesea- awesome girl, we talked alot befor, but hardly anymore, but she still an awesome freind ^^.

KittyKat820- awesome freind, we hadn't talked till now in so long i even forgot that we were freinds befor that, i am such a bad freind : ( lol

Comma aka com- awesome kid, started school recently, and i enjoy the stories he tells about highschool, becuase i am going to highschool in september, and that's closer then expected for me lol XD!



Art GFX Poems

"Bleep, Bleep, Bloop." "Who programs there robots to sensor themseleves"
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