The following is a small poem by me i shall change it every week maybe every day or whenever i find inspiration. mind you most but not all of my poems ryme and also sign my guest book with your opinions on my poems

Men moveing in single file fear on they're face for they know they have a grim fate they run and scream, but all in vain for they all are shot, but this does not end the story of these brave soldiers for there will always be the spirit and the spirit shall always linger never forget war is may be nothing but blood and gore, but its blood and gore with a true and honorable purpose.


poetry, girls, video games.
I am 14 and i am kind of a nerd/poet heh even though i hardly ever share my poems.


Life is short and it sucks what can we say? nothing... what can we do? nothing...thats the sad fact we cant control our destiny
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