i dont know a thing about this so i will write a story. the man came ever closer to the hero that once lived , the corruption of the heroes life was drawn to this mans hand the mysterious man then started to drain power and the hero began to fall over the edge. when suddenly the mist sucked him in the hooded man became scared and the beast arrose from the porthole and was summoned again for the last time then just as the hooded man was finishing the beast the boy came out of the porthole but looked different. the boy was covered in red and muscle black tar creation of eternal fortune and power. the ball of light shone from the hooded man and the atmosphere changed it was light all around in a park green lush blue sky grass red hot cheese crisp sun. then it was the end crap story but in the book it still goes on a massive sword battle !!!!! the fight jumps out the book and into your bedroomand you go up and smack the boy on the head with a baseball bat steal his sword and then check your pip boy you then steal a car outside and drive off doing a drive by and it turns out the man is niko you jump out the car and do a cartwheel down the street and into a wrestling ring where hulk hogan and andre the giant are fighting you run through their legs and into the crowd there you see alma and the 1st marine division comes in and kicks heer ass then captain price and his team come in and fight the first marine division but there guns are rigged and ghosts come out then the ghostbusters come in and kill the ghosts then batman grabs you from nowhere... to be continued when batman arkham asylum comes out