Crepes. I want them.
Today I am thankful for the ones I love.
Finals week is coming up.. yay..
Kpop concert this weekend with Girls Generation? I think yes!!
Am I ready for Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9? You bet I am.
I feel like I have a K-pop hangover from last nights Kcon concert.
Z is a Zombie, the differently dead.
You guys made me ink
I don't like mixed weather. Heat and rain were never meant to be together.
Naysayers Gonna Naysay.

Well, as you all know, TONS of amazing movies are coming out soon, and some are already out....

I don't understand why there's not a single dance cover for Shinee's 'Lucifer' that is actually...

Being a geek is extremely liberating.
Strep throat again.. here comes bitchy Olivia.. watch out I bite.
The Force Is The Force, Of Course Of Course
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