Second of my favorite series, bought used, have beaten it a few times, no longer has the booklet. Sly2BandOfThieves PS2
Have played a bit, not as nice as other racing games (duh wasn't expecting it to be), still has the booklet. CrashNitroKart Xbox
Love the game, just beaten the elite 4, been eons since i played last. PokemonEmerald GBA
Third of my favorite seried, bought used, still haven't beaten it 100%, still has the booklet. Sly3HonorAmongThieves PS2
Favorite racing game, have beaten it 100%, waiting for good internet to race people, still has the booklet. *lent it to a friend* MidnightClub3DUBEditionRemix PS2
Use it as my workout regimen, bought used (expensive shit though, 40 bucks), do not have a working pad, still has the booklet. DDRMAX2DanceDanceRevolution PS2
First of my favorite series, bought used, have beaten it a few times, still has the booklet. SlyCooperandTheThieviusRaccoonus PS2
Really awesome game despite its age, wish it had a level editor. MarbleDrop PC
Bought used, have beaten it, still has the booklet. CrashBandicootTheWrathOfCortex PS2
FAVORITE single game, got it from a friend, have beaten it bazillions of times, no longer has the booklet, contains a hidden spyro demo... CrashBash PSX
Traded it from a friend for MC3, still has the booklet. TonyHawksProSkater3 PS2
Given to me by a friend, up for grabs..maybe..depends MaddenNFL2002 PSX
Very fun to play, record of beating it is within 1 day, still haven't gotten 12/12 on SHard. WarioLand4 GBA
I have the whole trilogy, I'm in the middle of the second book. TheLordOfTheRings

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