Heh heh heh. Lookie what we got here. Mwhahahaha! Looks like you're in trouble. XD

Gotcha! I went easy on you...this time.

I haven't had time to stamp ya so here goes ttyl you pal Max Wheeler

Hi mate. I see your a yu-gi-oh fan me too.

Sign mine back ok
Whats up? Just wanted to say hi. What's up with the banner? You must like obelisk. Alot. I prefer Syfer or is it Slyfer? What ever its the sky dragon.So hi.

Blah. Happy Halloween to ya!

Shhh! It was my first stamp I've done.
Guess what!? I'm on a signing spree!

Please sign back! ^^

Hi there. I'm on a signing spree with a new stamp. It's still fresh. I hope you like it.

*looks at own signings*
Damn did I really sign so many times??

Feel free to sign back!

Signed by Sosai X~
Have a great time on Neoseeker...
I might see you around, but this kid won't.

Sign back before he dies...again.

~You got pwn3d...~
hey have fun do alot uh and junk
blah blah blah yawn yawn yawn uh roar roar roar roar roar

have some more stamps..!

Thanks for signing my guestbook. 'ppreciate it. I seem you in the DragonBall forum and you seem pretty cool.

Peace out.

okay 1 more time..
this time I'll stamp u with my newest stamp..Only for Neofriends!

So anyway here it is..enjoy!

You have been signed by
Here are my new stamps..enjoy^_^

Well c ya around!!!


thnx for the stamp that one is really cool..
So ofcourse I'll stamp back^_^

I don't think I signed your guestbook yet. Sorry about that I'll leave you with the first stamp I made. Remeber it's my first one.
since I've seen you around the forum a lot it's time 2 sign ur Guestbook:P
whattup? etc..

C U Around!
Hey, i'm goin around stampin everyone's guestbook, so I thought i'd stop by here. You seem cool from your posts in Dragonball and Budokai 2. Byes^-^

Hello, my good lad! Thank you for welcoming me in the SSBM forum! It seems it is number 1 in the most preferred forum! It was nice meeting such a lad like you! See you later, lad!
Er, don't mind me, I'm on a signing spree, probably because I have a subconcious desire to show off my first stamp. XD I know, it's too simple.

>^^< meow!

P.S This message will be the same as all other entries I make today.
I was just going around today, you know, signing guestbooks and stuff. So I thought I'd sign yours. Since I signed yours, will you sign mine?
Hey Obelisk69! I decided to sign your Guestbook, Since I've seen you allot in the SSBM forum. Well anyway STAMP!!!

Please sign mine!!
Hey well i guess we have been friends for a long time so i am signing your guestbook in return so have fun. Cya

dude, u are tight. 1rst dude to sign my guestbook! yay! u rock. Just so u know, i like Yugioh too, but i like slyfer better. my fav card is barrel dragon. Thanx!
I thinkd it's time to sign your guestbook! See you very much around SSBM and you are pretty cool! Hope you will sign my GS too!
Ok. cya at SSBM and here you got my stamp!

Neo Apocolypse