Slumpy monkey o_snuffles_o
Jan 7, 08 4:02am
Yo how has things been going. maby we can get a game going sometime. SEE you on live.BTW I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE you accent it PWNS
Enjoy life

125 c
horsejo o_snuffles_o
May 31, 07 12:47am
It will work this time, really it will! I think it will, that is!


Hope it works now. Luv ya! Bye
horsejo o_snuffles_o
May 31, 07 12:47am
I've at last got my own stamp thing. Here it is. Hope ya like it as much as I do.


Thats all, I guess. Bye.
Mr890P o_snuffles_o
Jan 28, 07 5:11am
I'm signing your guestbook because I am the biggest douche on Neoseeker. I appriciate how you pointed that out to me.

I also wrote you a poem:

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Oh I wonder what's for dinner
Up above a table, but quite low
I see a head on the table
It's a human head I see
The head of my imaginary friend
Ville_Valo o_snuffles_o
Jan 21, 07 1:20pm
I realized I had a guestbook just before, and that all these people are signing it. So yeah, heres my reply. Thanks
Enjoy the glory of knowing I signed your guest book snuffles ^.^
Lol Snuffles typos as snuggles so easiley
horsejo o_snuffles_o
Jan 17, 07 6:58am
you have been stamped by the one and only


you have also been blessed!

Now horsejo asks a favor . . .

Please sign my guest book.

Bless me with all of your wonders
Eviscerate o_snuffles_o
Jan 2, 07 10:43pm


Happy New Year Snuffles. Nice signature by the way
Scottie93 o_snuffles_o
Dec 24, 06 10:39pm
Singed urs so sign mine ok. What consoles u got i got a xbox 360, pc, psp and a playstation 2 ssssssssiiiiiiiiiigggggggggnnnnnn mmmmmmmiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkk
Slider01 o_snuffles_o
Dec 19, 06 4:30am
hey. I was signing your booky. I wanted to make you feel better.! Lol. I would accept a stampo.

I have to write crap. 125 thingy!!

tusanity o_snuffles_o
Dec 8, 06 1:08am
welelewlwelelewlwelelewlwelelewl? welelewlwelelewlwelelewlwelelewl? welelewlwelelewlwelelewlwelelewl? welelewlwelelewlwelelewlwelelewl? welelewlwelelewlwelelewlwelelewl?
Tool_Fan_06 o_snuffles_o
Nov 13, 06 1:36am
hello snuffles i sign guesttbook you sign back
thank you please do ya wannabe freinds check out my profile and pm me with your answer
SIS_Wolfhound o_snuffles_o
Nov 12, 06 10:36pm
Hilarious turning the words around
Internet cafes in the arctic circle indeed
Now Sign back like your banner said you will...Bitach!
swimmerdude o_snuffles_o
Nov 5, 06 11:22pm
hey everyone knows penguins are awesome right? good.

sign my book!

............... pac dots
Mule o_snuffles_o
Nov 5, 06 2:30am
I just thought I'd drop by your guestbook to say, you look like Snoopy and it makes me smile...

..but, you have smelly dog farts.
Madridfan o_snuffles_o
Nov 4, 06 11:04pm
Hi, I'm signing cuz you calld me a genius, and cuz I'm low on signs from others ....
What soccer clubs are you in to, I personally like Real Madrid....
Nway goodbye from me now...
SkaterSean o_snuffles_o
Nov 4, 06 12:25pm
Yayy, you should be happy, this is the first guestbook I signed, now, show your word, sign mine! I guess the minimum is 125 characters and I don't know what else to put.
Schteven o_snuffles_o
Nov 3, 06 3:00am
Hey there snuffles!

Saw the link in your sig, "Sign the guest book!" And who am i to disobey a blue highlighted link

Take it easy man see ya round the forums!

Heres the Official Schteven 'S' for ya!


Schteven o_snuffles_o
Nov 3, 06 3:00am
Hey there snuffles!

Saw the link in your sig, "Sign the guest book!" And who am i to disobey a blue highlighted link

Take it easy man see ya round the forums!

Heres the Official Schteven 'S' for ya!


GTAIV o_snuffles_o
Nov 2, 06 9:28am
Hey Man I'll sign your guest book.
Nice Avatar, if you need me to make a userbar I'm the guy 2 call.I am very good with photoshop.

Also, got any questions GTA SA? then I'm the guy to call.

P.S. Now you sign my guestbook!
horsejo o_snuffles_o
Nov 2, 06 7:04am
oops is right! look at what you said!

quote horsejo
a hurrican hits.

you could have 1 item

what is it

my dog! she is cute!!



that is funny . . . i guess i could take you . . . lol! please sign back you said you would. bye!

you . . . lol!
ulitmate taz o_snuffles_o
Nov 2, 06 5:21am
This little piggy went to market. This little piggy went home. This little piggy pulled out a shotgun and said "*bleep* this i'm going to Rome".
Tom o_snuffles_o
Nov 2, 06 4:58am
Seen ya around countless times, so here ya go:

Sign back.
UltimateLuigi o_snuffles_o
Oct 31, 06 11:51am
hi i saw you in loungin and stuff and so i'm signing your gb lol. seeya around the forums. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (sorry the 125 character limit)

Ultimate Luigi
curly fries dude o_snuffles_o
Oct 27, 06 9:04pm
Seen you in Loungin' and FM07 forum so I'm gonna sign your GB.

Benk_92 o_snuffles_o
Oct 19, 06 3:58am
Yeah, seen you in loungin'. You seem cool.