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I'm playing through old Fire Emblem gba games on my phone, so I'll def give this...
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Dec 3, 08 5:03pm

Despite the irony, it's still not art, nor are you an artist for painting it, despite your art school degree.
I guess the problem you run into is art is entirely subjective in the post-studio age, what isn't art to you can be art to another and despite whatever pent up feelings you may have, they're completely negated by the other party. So it's a bit comical when you try to make blanket false fact statements like that.

The piece she talks about for the bloodline I was not available for but I did see it later, the work is actually art because there's actual concepts behind the work, unfortunately for the masses, they hear these mediums being used and the first reaction is "ew, icky, grossness" and so on.

The removal of the blood image is probably a good joke though, you can show chainsaw massacres in game, car accidents in photo threads and other accidents but not a cup of blood. Gotta laugh at how backwards that is. read more

Dec 3, 08 12:22pm

You have your own opinion and that's totally cool and should be respected. However, with all bigotry aside, this is art, sorry to disappoint you. Art is a form of expression, being an artist means that you express yourself, opinions, thoughts, etc through a medium, any medium. I would ask you to provide some concrete points to back up your statements but "eww that's gross" doesn't count. read more

Dec 3, 08 8:31am

I think provocation is a very integral aspect of art.....that in itself could be considered art I feel... read more

Dec 3, 08 8:18am

Actually, it was about the death of a bloodline. The work was a statement on feminism and the Asian culture where sons are highly valued over daughters because they are privileged with the family name. The reaction from the majority of male students in the class was just an unexpected side effect. read more