SleepyReaper oOhennersOo
Apr 22, 08 2:20am

Yeah I'm just gonna Blabber on here so I can give you the cool ass stamp AdamHill made for me!
You should stamp me cause i'm gonna stamp everyone on my friends list!
Unforgiven oOhennersOo
Dec 16, 07 12:50am
  • Topic is 'Grifos 1 -> To epomeno kanali einai to noumero pou vgainei apo thn praksh 158 - 985 + 5668 / 5 - 569 + 893 / 5 + 9678,56 * 15 - 5987 + 26 / 8 - 7886,75 - 10000 = ?

Do you know the answer?
Flame Phoenix oOhennersOo
Jan 22, 07 12:50pm
I have defected. I do not want a Wii anymore and wish for a Playstation 3. Wanna know why? THIS is why:



ssj5_vegeta oOhennersOo
Dec 23, 06 4:48am

Merry Christmas my friend and a Happy New year!
Happy Holidays
HBK619 oOhennersOo
Sep 13, 06 7:47pm
You listen to some cool bands and watch some cool TV shows, for that you get a guest book signing. Count yourself luckly, a guestbook signing from me these days is quite a rare achievement, so stay cool.
Jay_Z oOhennersOo
Aug 23, 06 1:21pm
Congratulations, you're the twelfth person to find all of the secrets in my NeoHome, therefore I am signing your guestbook with my brand new shiny stamp!

You deserve 2 stamps

Hope you Enjoy my stamps & Have Fun!
Supreme Wolverine oOhennersOo
Jul 28, 06 9:51pm
Thought I'd sign guest since I see you a lot around Neoseeker on the General Wii forum. The TP Wii version forum hey I'll see you around though ok.
Ste Guitar oOhennersOo
Jun 21, 06 1:18am
Just sigging your guestbook!
Keep up the good work moderating the General DS Forum!
knightron oOhennersOo
Jun 18, 06 7:36pm
Just thought that i'd sign you guest book.
sorry bout that little mix up in the ds vs psp thread.
I was reading the things your interested in, and we have a alot in commen.
Q22 oOhennersOo
Apr 19, 06 7:08pm
Just wanted to say that you're doing a quality job in General DS, better than I ever did. And that I really want to feel your hair.
Jaw Knee oOhennersOo
Apr 3, 06 1:32am
I just wanted to comment on your music taste. Its excellent. Yours is similar to mine. So are your video games.

Take care.

And if you were offended by my comment in the Green Day thread then I'm sorry. And if would like then maybe we could be friends. See ya.
DAINofEREBOR oOhennersOo
Nov 30, 05 12:25am
yO ya'll doin...all ship shape n the barbe...oh yeah this dude called something about buying uranus (the plant obviously) on ebay for £8.99 ne ways they'll be with you shortly

(She doesnt sell sea shells by the sea shore)(how many times do I have to say, goh)

p.s Geoff says HEY HEY HEY
tails sega oOhennersOo
Oct 10, 05 9:00pm
Hi, i have seen you alot around the gamecube forums and i would just like to say.............................. Happy Gaming! and Never and i mean NEVER stop! XD
Jack The Bandit oOhennersOo
Aug 15, 05 2:28am
Great band, The Offspring. They kick ass. In fact I can't believe how muh ass they kick. Just like Green Day.

You also have good taste in games too. Even though I enjoy my PS2.

See you around.
Adam3k3 oOhennersOo
Jul 19, 05 6:59pm
Hi there,
I see that you like offspring, good to see some one that likes it too:)

Well see ya later....