Dec 17, 15 9:38pm
Ancient Domains of Mystery is incredibly fun for what it is.
Nov 19, 15 4:51pm
Huh. A gallon of diesel gas costs the same amount at a local gas station as a key in Team Fortress 2.
Nov 17, 15 5:39pm
Is it unusual for an eighth grader to know well what college they plan to go to?
Nov 13, 15 3:23pm
The wonderful powers of Google Translate!
Nov 07, 15 9:15pm
I actually gave League of Legends a chance, and find it just as good a game as DOTA 2.
Nov 01, 15 7:58am
That awkward time you accidentally click 'report'.
Nov 01, 15 7:54am
I'm so glad my teacher last year drilled how to write essays into her students' heads.
nopomalo shared a forum thread
Oct 27, 15 2:51pm

I'm curious as to what I can do to improve myself and my (pitifully low) MMR. I usually play harder carries (running fro

Oct 17, 15 9:46am
Who wants to live forever?
Sep 03, 15 3:40pm
The world is full of kings and queens who blind you heart and steal your dreams. It's heaven and hell... oh well.
Aug 25, 15 12:02am
Would you look at that, I'm now a teenager.
Jul 20, 15 6:42pm
Misclicks- The bane of everyone who's ever used a computer.
Jul 18, 15 11:12am
Gaben has made at least 50 million dollars from the dota2 2015 internationals. ._.
Jul 18, 15 11:06am
It's funny how you can go onto Dotabuff and see an ad for leagueoflegends at the center of the page.
Jul 17, 15 5:17pm
Looking at the post history of an account spanning multiple years can show the person's intellectual and emotional growth... such as mine.
Jul 06, 15 10:12am
Good Luck, Have Fun, and please speak English! dota2
Jul 06, 15 8:15am
Reverend, Reverend, is this some conspiracy?
nopomalo shared a forum thread
Jun 26, 15 10:01am

Personally, I hate Riki, Phantom Lancer and Chaos Knight the most. No one ever bothers to buy wards for Riki and they always

May 27, 15 7:32pm
*carefully reads post, making sure everything is perfect*
Mar 31, 15 5:05pm
Personally I-I like dota2 but I don't see anything wrong with leagueoflegends ...pls dont kill meh

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