Horray, I'm Back!
Shiny Starly... :3
Finally, I got Pokemon X AND Y, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
Seriously at a gaming standstill...
Waiting to get X/Y, Still ;(
GEN4 4 Life :P
*Bronzor is now the thing*
Buzy making sinnoh in minecraft, Currently failing at Jubilife!
soon up for trade- Machop, Lv 1, Male, elemental Punches and Brick break!
Now i have a YouTube account :D
My animals are ruining my computer gameplay -_- CATS GET OFF THE KEYPAD!
YAY! OVER 2 Years on Neoseeker ;D
Now, My dad's old friend died...
R.I.P my Rabbit Daisy, She Just Died ;(
Omg, i got Paula's Ultimate equip without trying, and ind 1/100 the time of me finding the sword of kings... WOW!!!
I say Porky Minch is one of my favorite video game charecters!
Pirating Games is BAD, People!
Yeah, Im a fan of mother :D

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