Would you buy it? Like, a safari for only previous gen Pokemon, not the entire game. I mean, it's pretty hard to c

Sorry, haven't use the forum for quite a while, not sure if this is the correct tag. Pls tell me if it's wrong. I

I distinctively remember Neko once said that his name means tiger. This joke would be kind of weird in the JP version if his

Mostly Dialga though. I'll be honest, I have absolutely nothing to trade back. The best I can offer now is a pair of

Can't be black right? is it gold like Shiny Charmander and Charmeleon?

So after quite some time doing research on chain fishing, I decided to try it out. I stay at the spot under Ambrette Town whe

If you go to Luminiose city, in the green (well, it's green, let's just call it green) there are two girls talking ab

I just had this idea for a Rain team and just tried it out on Free Battle. Won 8 out of 10, even against a team full of Legen

So far I've got a Larvesta with 31 IV for HP, Atk, SpA and SpD and I have a Volcarona with 31 IV for SpA and Spe. I give

I hope this is not the case but it would make the most sense if only the last evolution can Mega Evolve. Looking at the Po

Jolly or Naive, I'm fine with both. I can help you evolve Scyther, Seadra, those that don't need items. Well

Well, yeah, either a Clefairy or a Safari with Clefairy inside, all the better. If you want to trade though, I really don

There is no TM for it in X&Y apparently, and i need it so bad ... Anyone have any idea how to get it?

So basically three questions: how long did it took you to beat Elite Four? how are you satisfied with the length? and how is

As much as I love the Battle Chateau ... Wait, no, I don't like it at all. Anyway, is there anything similar to VS see

I'm like really desprate, some one please trade me a Tyranitarite! I'll give you ANY Y mega stone for it (except

I have Heracross + Mega Stone, will trade for a Pinsir with Pinsirite As for the Tyranitarite, willing to trade even Mewtw

Long story short, I need a lot of Ivory hardhorns, but it's been quite unsuccessful so far, even purple (freakin purple)

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