Needs more costumes for the characters and needs to be based on the Dynasty Warriors series itself. But still a good game. DynastyWarriors5Empires X360
Absolutely love the variety of characters including their weapons, costumes, and bodyguards. DynastyWarriors5 Xbox
Listening to Larcrymosa by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Was a great game with a lot of mysteries behind the artifact Lara and her mentor Werner von Croy found in Egypt. TombRaiderChronicles PC
I love Tomba. I wish I had the first Tomba it would have been really awesome to. Tomba2TheEvilSwineReturn PSX
Has a lot of action but not that much horror. This game needs to be like the other Resident Evil games. WE NEED MORE HORROR!!!! ResidentEvil4 PC
Listening to Shinedown.
Even though I have not played the first game. Kameo is a game worth playing. KameoElementsOfPower X360
Love the action in this game it is more action packed than any other Tomb Raider game I have ever played. TombRaiderUnderworld PC
I like the dark story line and heart pumping action behind every level. The more you play the more dark and sinister each situation gets. TombRaiderTheAngelOfDarkness PC
Game is a lot better than the original the graphics are amazing and I love the costumes. TombRaiderAnniversary PC
This game keeps me in shape and it is fun to play with my family members. WiiSports Wii
This is the best game ever!!!! DisneyEpicMickey Wii

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