i bet! it is dangerous i tell ya, dangerous! hehe I only come back now and then, but not really back-back.

Merry christmas to you too,...ehh... even though it has just been... i mean hope you had a merry christmas! and a comming happy new year! thats not too late yet ^^

Hiya newcomer, long time yea, hehe, so you signed my guestbook, ill do tha same for yah hehe.

Good luck further on buddy
Dude, just found you'd signed my guestbook! Ah, I think I'm horrible for not signing earlier, but I don't really visit Neo that much. I think it's kind of sad... But Neo's sort of old news now; I think I've finally managed to leave this place. It's still nice seeing/reading from old faces/avatars/people, so, yeah... Cheers to old memories!
hey dude sound like u have a long time in neo....

thats y i decided to sign ur guess book....

and i give my respects dude

You like Cucumbers Huh? huh? Yea I know you do Cause you look like it with your red scarf and blond hair. Yeah Cucubmers!!!!

Meet Me at Chuckie's at 9:00
Yay! Signing it twice. I realize you haven't been on in a while, but you're still one of my bestest friends on Neoseeker. *grins*

I obviously don't have a good stampy thingy, but... *blows a small kiss* Yay, I can't believe I actually did it!

Well, I miss you along with all the other people that have disappeared in my time away. If I ever see you, remember our old game!
sorry for not responding, ive been inactive for awhile. i can understand tag, but i cant speak it, haha ^^!. ugh, i wont be living in SJ anymore. damn houses cost to much! i be moving to vegas soon! and when im there ill be able to get cable haha. well cya

I am the soul collector and master of the flaming skull....

One night I will come for you...
Newcomer, you have been fragged by the computing penguin.

Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.
I don't know why you're leaving Neoseeker newcomer. But I wish you well, and I hope you decide to return in the distant future!

From: Mike Campo
Heya! ::is hyper tonight so in which explaining her looniness in this little entry if there is any:: Just want t' say ye be a great RPer and all, and luvs to RP with ya. Especially on the Neo-Magician School RP and all. ::notes this is the first Guestbook besides her own she has signed in, now why did she sign her own quest book? you ask. Well she can spell it for you B O R E D O M::
I've enjoyed Rp'ing with you and hope to keep on doing it. You are very good at it and i hope to meet you in soime other forums where we share the same interests. Cya around newcomer

We're friends all the time,but we don't have the time to chat!!!Guess you're not leaving anymore,right? From Ficky
Your Neo Home isn't that bad,but look at the PM I sent you to find out how to place those images in...

Well on to more important details,you have been a great friend,I appreciate it.Your fun to have around the FFT RP Fightoff as well,as your the main pocorn throwing spectator.Well to summerize,thank you for all you've done,and if you need any assistence with anything I'll be glad to help.Bye for now...
Just passing by!

I hope you go on soon! The forums I go to that you do aren't the same without you!

Ya know that you're one of my friends? Then I better strenghten my friendships now. DOn't want another FFT RP happenings, right?

- The hidden DM
Hey newcomer How's it going. Haven't seen you at the Shinra Rp lately. I think it might die.

Just wanted to say hi!

"It doesn't mather what others think or say about what you should do with your future,
..that is something only you should have the answer to..."