Sparta neomonkey
Nov 23, 07 1:32am
Happy Thanks Giving! If I had a picture to go with this, I would post it, but I dont have one. So I just need to waste the 125 minimum character limit. There we go, see you later.
Mario 13 neomonkey
May 29, 07 5:15am
How've you been havent talked to you in a while?Here's my stamp!Hope you like it
LyallAurion neomonkey
Feb 20, 07 12:07am
Hi! I'm here to wish you a happy birthday!

Congrats for being another year older!

LyallAurion neomonkey
Feb 15, 07 2:44am
To the best boyfriend a girl could ask for...

Happy Valentine's Day, Austin!

+_.Always together, always smiling_.+
Zhou Tai Rocks neomonkey
Feb 13, 07 5:39pm
Thanks for singing my Guest Book
I hope you also have a great Valentines day,
And since im too lazy to make a stamp, Ill sign you with a Power Ranger!

Man thats ugly

(Anyway, did you hear? Bobobo is coming back to Toonami this week!)
Cya Round The Forums,
dmf_dynasty neomonkey
Dec 31, 06 8:31pm

Here's an old stamp that doesn't really fit the holidays.

LyallAurion neomonkey
Dec 25, 06 9:14pm
Hiya! ^-^ Happy holidays and make today great! =3 And set up a trap to capture Santa's reindeer. xD

game_testerWB1 neomonkey
Nov 26, 06 6:55pm
Hiyaa, since ya a AC devil and i see you around the forums, i thought i would sign, here is the one and only original handmade stamp by me, hope you lurve it!


You've just been stamped by Game_TesterWB1,don't forget to sign back now!
Play ISDF neomonkey
Oct 22, 06 11:58am
I've seen ya in the forums, and you seem nice and your Crystal The Hedgehogs friend, so I thought I'd sign your GB.

Chain Chomp neomonkey
Oct 10, 06 4:50am
Hey, I see you like ToS... cool, cool. Me too, still trying to get 100% on it though... working on a big poster of it for my cousin too.

My name is Wooley, but known around here as the Chain Chomp!

Crystal The Hedgehog neomonkey
Sep 29, 06 12:56am
Hi your being stamped by

Crystal The Hedgehog=D
Sparta neomonkey
Sep 9, 06 2:26am
hey you thaught that my forum signature was sick but funny, well let me tell you i copied it from someone else. i thaught that it was WRONG but FUNNY!! tlak @ you later dude
LyallAurion neomonkey
Sep 2, 06 6:26am
Hi! Finally I'm signing your GB. ^^ I'm losing track of whom I've signed and who I didn't. XO Ja ne.

Kalle Demos neomonkey
Aug 10, 06 11:27pm
Since we're sorta friends, I'm signing your guestbook.

poke man neomonkey
Aug 9, 06 1:52am
Sup neo monkey its the COMIDEAN THOUGHT I'D SIGHN your guestbook
I'm a Comidean thats what i post
now thats funny lol lol
Gaara King Of Sand neomonkey
Aug 1, 06 3:40am
If you need help with anything else I'm always here^_^

The Blade Slade neomonkey
Jul 24, 06 6:50pm
Whats up.. I've seen ya around and ya told me ya like ToS.. so I guess thats...COOL!!! Have a good life...if possible til then have the pwetty picture