Wow. One day, after having been away from this place for 4 1/2 years, I get reminded of this place and then suddenly I decide to check out that one RP thread (I was so ridiculous in that thing... XD) and then all of a sudden I find myself having been able to remember my old password and then I find myself wanting to update everything again. :O

Funny how this stuff grows on your after so many years eh? Nostalgia FTW.

Anyway, now i'm back and whether or not my activity on here will be as abundant as it was in the past (I was wowed by everything here when I joined 7 years ago), i'll try my best to be active.

PS: Anyone who knows me from way back that reads this can probably tell that i've "grown up" a little... >.>


Being the harbinger of chaos and disorder within the world and beyond.

Hey, mang! It's what I do! Don't judge/hate. >_>


End of li- *shot*
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Review: Metroid Prime - Metroid Prime is the best game I have ever played!!!!

Jul 29, 2004

The way the "plasma beam" burns enemys to ashes when charged is really cool. Plus i've found a way to kill those no good dirty mouth (wait a minute, they don't have a mouth) "reaper" vines and "aqua reapers". But I can't tell you unless you give...

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