looking for the mello set to catalog. in return i have oranges, peaches, pears, durians, lychees, mangoes, lemons and bambo

heya, im looking for some cute items to put in my home. im interested in really cute items, and recently saw this cute pink

my town now has lychee, lemons, pears, durians, soon to be mangos, coconuts, peaches. if anyone wants to get some please pm me.

ok so i have a huge problem. i saved some ground designs and used them, but when i delete them, the places on the ground wher

FINALLY! HE IS MOVING OUT ON THE 24TH! Jeremiah (クワトロ, Quattro) is a blue frog villager that

ok so a certain villager i have been ignoring came up to me and told me he is moving. he told me the date he was moving out

so we can catch bugs and fish and stuff in tours when it isn't your objective. so how can do so since i can't have a

so i have been TRYING to get some villagers to start moving so i can trade them. i have tried things like NOT talking to (exc

well, i don't really know what to say atm.....
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