Waiting eagerly for MH4U
Attack on Titan <3

This is not a bragging thread, so don't take it or treat it like that. At the moment, my HR is 202.

Hello guys! This is a new community game called the Monster Hunter Challenge. In this challenge, certain people (TBD) will be

What would you recommend with this weapon? If you could post a good set from mhag then that'd be good. Thanks :)

Whenever I download this it doesn't show up as what Athena put the picture as, it asks what program I want to use to open

Ok, so I have all the event quests and I have one question: What can I get from the Elder Dragon events and stuff? If I did t

Topic says it all. Jade Barroth's U Turn move for me. If I don't get hit the first time, I get hit on the way back :P

Your banner is ok, but you ->cod<- do better
Your banner looks a little... fishy

So, I am a dual blade user and I battled my way to Grank using http://mhag.info/mhtriu/viewset.htm?s=Great+Luck/Sharp+1+:+G.B

I'm just now starting capturing and I need some tips. Any tips from pro capturers? I already have all the material, like

I've been doing the Barroth quest to earn some Barroth armor, but this time he didn't spawn. I literally went to all


Pokemon breeding always

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