nathanx shared a forum thread
Sep 4, 16 9:52pm

Is it just me or are the arena quests in this game extremely easy? In almost all of the arena quests, there's a certain w

Jul 21, 16 2:08pm
MhGen is actually amazing 11/10
nathanx shared a forum thread
Mar 23, 15 9:16pm

Hey guys, I've started playing as ROB just for fun, and I'd love to know some of his ATs. I mostly play on the 3ds, s

Feb 18, 15 6:12pm
50+ MH4U hours, HR 33, 8 star village
Feb 16, 15 2:41pm
35+ hours in MH4U, HR 7, and on 8 star village quests.
Feb 15, 15 2:28pm
Already 20+ hours in MH4U xD
nathanx shared a link
Feb 15, 15 2:27pm

Hey guys, I was just wondering what your experiences with Shagaru Magala were. Like how the fight went and etc. I just be

nathanx shared a forum thread
Feb 13, 15 11:22am

Hey guys, just saying, powersaves already has codes for MH4U and it's ridiculous. They have charm codes and item modifier

Feb 8, 15 7:10pm
nathanx shared a forum thread
Dec 3, 14 8:49pm

Topic. I have put 140 hours of my worthless time into this game. Many nights this game has had me trapped in its fun, and

nathanx shared a forum thread
Nov 28, 14 2:57pm

Anyone find these coins hard to get? :P I haven't really. I just realized that some of Pam's requests are SUPER easy.

nathanx shared a link
Nov 19, 14 11:52pm

Hey guys, I'm on my way to creator alchemist, and I met a brick wall that I can't pass over very simply, unless you h

nathanx shared a forum thread
Nov 19, 14 6:31pm

Hey guys, I thought that we should make a hurt and heal thread. Right now, I'm taking some suggestions for characters in

Nov 18, 14 9:22pm
Playing Fantasy Life °~°
nathanx shared a forum thread (@Verotten)
Nov 18, 14 9:03pm
If you have Fantasy Life, please use this to communicate with other players of the game!

_WHAT THE DEAL IS_ I think we can all agree that the in-game chat and Link features.. aren't the best. :laugh: The chat

nathanx shared a forum thread
Nov 18, 14 8:58pm

Hello guys, I know that I've only been on this forum for a few days, but I applied for forum mod. The reason I did this w

Nov 7, 14 1:20pm
Getting good at Yoshi xP
Oct 26, 14 9:51pm
I'm getting good at Rosalina! supersmashbros3ds
Oct 26, 14 9:50pm
Imma getting good at Rosalina! :epic:

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