one of the most amazing plotlines ever BioShockInfinite PS3
the best koei game ive played cant wait for the new one FistOfTheNorthStarKensRage PS3
very funny but very short hope they do another DukeNukemForever PS3
a worthless peice of poo that is designed for 2 year olds to play totally atrocous AsurasWrath PS3
the biggest pile of shit of a fighting game ever SoulCalibur5 X360
biggest pile of shit of a fighting game ever SoulCalibur5 X360
a game that took the world by surprize GodOfWar PS2
my personal favorite fight night game FightNight2004 Xbox
a creepy little fp game FEAR PC
the ultimate dugoen game where you fight tons of different enemys and explore huge stages HuntedTheDemonsForge PC
exstremly hard to play but very uniqe game Homefront PC
an out standing game thats about a killer a cop an fbi agent and a victim the story has a shocking out come 10 out of 10 HeavyRain PS3
a fantastic game that really is worth givin a shot with really hot girl and great hack and slash gameplay HeavenlySword PS3
a very impressive boxing game FightNightRound4 X360
fight night truely gets a realistic feel totally awsome game FightNightRound3 X360
fight night takes to a prison based story mode with all the other modes from the old games in it and an awsome character creater FightNightChampion X360
the best fifa yet by far FIFASoccer10 PC
fifa is back and better then ever FIFASoccer09 PC
the worlds best football games gets better FIFASoccer08 PC
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