going thru caslte mode (: CastlevaniaJudgment Wii
R.I.P. Paul Grey
*sigh* dont you just love Deftones??
pretty cool. no one else i know likes to play it though. we always watch the movie together though. ironic right? TheThing PC
pretty fun. never play it anymore unless extremely bored though TheSimsCompleteCollection PC
t'was fun at first then got bored TheSims3 PC
awesome game! i am still in progress of beating it. had to start over though DX sad RuneFactoryFrontier Wii
loved it at first but then got really stuck and not even the forums can help me now!!!! jkjk RuneFactory2AFantasyHarvestMoon DS
lost it but then bought it again. thats how much i love it! beat it many times, right now, i am on exterminator mode!!!! yay RatchetDeadlocked PS2
beat it a long time ago. maybe i should sell it.... RatchetandClankGoingCommando PS2
acually, i completely forgot i had this game... maybe ill go home and play it now haha HarvestMoonTreeOfTranquility Wii
i beat it once but my friend has it now so i cant proceed HarvestMoonSaveTheHomeland PS2
really boring i never play it anymore... HarvestMoonAWonderfulLifeSpecialEdition PS2
really boring--just like a wonderful life. thinking about selling it HarvestMoonDS DS
dont really play it anymore but i beat it CrashTagTeamRacing Xbox
nothing i have it but not the right system its an old one so it doesnt fit in the gba slot of my ds sadly WarioLand2 GBC
lol this is kul

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