Misses Amethyst10 very,very much :'(
Facts:Super Buu is way easy than it looks in DBZ:shin budokai 2
Beated some bloody sonic fans on Youtube
Musab Pathan's Facts:CETRAY ROCKS!!!
facts:musabh iz wery zood im enjlizs lawlz
facts:HD_yoshi does'nt know anything about neoseeker

Here you may view some of the more brilliant sprites that have been made for past rounds! Any...

sonic is a cheater he copied DBZ!i have prove!!!
STOP MAKIN FUN OF MA NAME!!!LIKE MAP.i'm NOT A MAP!!this is my real name!
Make something with a flygon head, salamance wings, and a charmeleon tail
sonic he's the best!
girls i cant understand them.
me and john dont care if cletus kicks us or give bad words

musab ahmed pathan


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