BananaMonkey123 mr scared
Apr 7, 08 2:32am

Ahem, lol. here, I'll substitute one of my sketches as a stamp. If anyone takes it, I'm getting a lawsuit on your arse.

copyright me. ^u^
iheartelmeR mr scared
Apr 7, 08 2:12am
Well, you asked me to sign your guest book, so here I am! ^__^ I don't have a stamp atm

But lalala, thanks for whatever =)

Luuurrrvveee, Porrtiaaa
Animal Crossing Mad mr scared
Oct 27, 07 10:29pm

Welcomez to Neoseeker!

=o I've Wified with you once...

Cutie in LuvLand.


Sign back!

PS. Wanna be Neobuddies?
Pokemonnerd8985 mr scared
Oct 23, 07 4:13pm
Hey About time I signed your guestbook lol!!!!

Hope we can play Animal Crossing again.

Look out here comes the stamp!

Thank you for being a great friend!!!!!


P.s Welcome to Neoseeker.
Pokemonnerd8985 mr scared
Oct 23, 07 1:19am
[IMG] http:\\\\albums\x310\linny120\stampofeagle.jpg [IMG]
Like my stamp? If it works lol

Scribble back ok,
ps. welcome to neoseeker