Akensai morris
Sep 03, 03 11:43pm
im from the morrowind forum and i dont know what the mods did to you but i think your done for now with em you just wanna end your name and go out known as a asshole or what, o well sign my guest book in return
dj__saturn morris
Jul 14, 02 2:53am
Yo how is it going man...
Causing some motion around...
but its cool, i know how it feels to be new..
Anyways keep it kool, Thanks for signing my guesst book, great for participating on Halo, cant wait for Halo 2 huh....Hehe...
Supersaiyajin16 morris
Jul 12, 02 1:09pm
Why do you continue to steal my avatars? i can get you some just dont steal mines.....u could get banner for that!!!

The Dark Prince Was Here...........
MasterCheat morris
Jul 10, 02 1:17pm
hey man hows it hangin'? i suggest if you want to not be banned by a mod-don't act like a dumbass like you do when im around. You are a top-notch Halo player- keep it goin!