Hey I'm on a stamping spree and because your one of my friends I couldn't miss your guest book! You may not have noticed so I'm just going to come out with it, I got a name change! It's no longer GameFreakACWW but The Rising Nebula. Enjoy my stamp now, I liked yours! XD

:.From your friend.:
Hey Moon Girl Thanks For Signing My Guest Book I Wanna Return The Favor. Sorry For The Late Sign But Mabye I Could Make It Up To Ya With This Awsome Stamp!!! =D


So as you can see I've managed to make sometime for neoseeker and with this time I've decided to spend it on you. I thought that because I haven't been on in quite a long time and because I haven't been able to talk to you I would like to now. Since it's so cold out and snowy in some parts of the world I would like to wish you a...

Merry Christmas!

I not only would like it if you had a great holiday but I hope you get everything you wanted. Please remember that I really care about you, want you safe, and am your friend. I have not forgotten our friendship.

hello, I am a poet and I passed by your profile and decided I wanted to sign your guestbook with this poem. Enjoy:

Today Is the Day I Die

I fall into love's warm embrace
Only to be thrust into the dark abyss of Pain
Only to live life full of such Hate,
Full of such Anger,
My heart shattered into pieces,
My heart,
BLood stained in the palm of your hand
Only to be crushed again.
I look into your eyes,
Such wickedness in you,
I see the cold hardness of their beauty.
I am drawn to you
Yet you rin from me
Yet you hide from me.
A cry of pain
Erupts from my lips
Heard by you only
You come to me
Only on this day
Today is the day I die
Leaving you heartbroken as I have been
Leaving you in regret,
Leaving you in pain,
Leaving you in hate,
Today is the day I die......with you, MY Eternal Love

hey thanks for sighning my guestbook! =]

i would stamp this thing but i have no idea how but if anyone wants to tell me (and has the patients to tell me at least 3 times before i understand!) then plz do! =]

anyway thanks! =]
Here is a stamp for you:

See you around and be nice to be my pussy cat.

~Leona ~x~

Hey moon girl! I noticed you signed my guestbook, and I see you a lot in the Harvest Moon forums, so I decided to sign yours as well.

I'm afraid I have a rather terrible habit of never checking my guestbook and forgetting to sign other people's guestbooks, so I apologize for that.

I hope you like the stamp! It's my personal favourite.

Thanks for signing my GuestBook,being my neo.friend and giving me a awesome stamp!I decided and wanted to sign yours.
elow! thank you for making me a stamp! so i'll use it! and...y did u make me a cookie in the first place if you were gonna eated it?!? haha. nevermind me.
Thank you sooo much for the stamp! its awsome! i'd stamp you back if i had a stamp... or knew how to make one... anyways, thanks for being my neofriend!


p.s. where's my COOKIE?!?
Thanks for the second signing. Your a really good friend. Your that kinda person people like me look up to as a role model. Always stay cool and true.
Heres a late Valentines day signing from me.
Sry its late... Anyways its much better than the bunch of pictures i posted last time.

Hope you like it.

Cya around!
You Want it, you got it. Hinata!

Thx for signing! PM me if you wanna be Neofriends!
ok i will sign your guest book . i'm ruki123 the best gamer there ever was ever is and ever will be!!!!! mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ahab ha h h ahn ha ha jha ha ha haa ha ha ha ha
Im So Glad You Are My Neofriend


{Riku Is Sexy}
Thank you for signing my G-book. ^-^ Thankful and all, I return thanks by signing yours back. >:] And since I don't have a stamp.... xD

Enjoy ^-^

The one and only,
There are millions of words to describe sxc_katee, but I'll pick the best ones:
She is
and hot.
but i am her slave, so maybe not.
I felt like I had to sign your guestbook. I dunno why because you're cool? Hmmm...well anyways I'll sign whatsoever...PLease sign my guestbook.
Hi. I'm GothicSadamitsu. And I'm decided to sign your guestbook because you know my sister right? Well hi and please sign back if you want.

-GothicSadamitsu-Ima boy.
Anyone who likes Naruto must be cool. Anyone who likes Naruto must have my stamp:

Yay im the first one 2sign ur guestbook well i just wanna say ur a good friend and have a happy xmas hope u like my stamp...

its harvest moon lol now u have2 sign my guestbook!