Yay, you just made the first signing my guestbook has seen in years! That deserves a signing of my own.

Blah blah blah. Fancy stuff, eh? I'm so memorable! Hehe!
You helped me out alot with my problems with homebrew so I thought the least I could do was sign your guestbook!

Hello just dropping by and leaving a message and a pic.

I hope you like this pic.
Merry Soon To Be X-mas!

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P.S: Gir Rocks
thx man ill have a stamp soon

you have been
stamped by
You've been stamped by me, because I felt like it.

Jezus. Look how bored I am...
I make new accounts every damn year haha.

So jon, Im really bored... um... yep... I should be cleaning the house... but uhhh yeah, no...

Uhh yeah. Have fun at school. Because Im already out. hahahaha... ha.... ha............

signing random ppls books sign back or I'LL EAT YOU!!!!


You have just been a Victim of Vapour Snake. Quick you need some anit venom, other wise you will...
You have become a victim of my little tune I play... Don't get to attacted!!
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

I know it's been a while since you stamped but thanks XD

Too lazy to make a stamp so I made Mickey and uhmm I guess he'll do XD

Thanks for signing my gb.If you would like to be friedns i'm only a pm away.

Hey i am sorry i didn't stamp u sooner.. u stamped me awhile ago... i have been stuck in skool and forgot about Neoseeker...=P here is my stamp you may already have it lol.... It was the only one i could find now =P

Thanks for signing my guestbook.
Here, have a stamp

You have just been......

Have Fun....Be Cool...Be Stupid.....Enjoy...Have a Blast.....HAppy Posting

And most of all
Best Wishes
C Ya ...Monkey :-)

Point of advice: if you see the Burger King, call the police. He has been sighted breaking into people's homes while offering to give residents a free sandwich. Officials have confirmed that the sandwiches handed out by the king contain dangerous toxins. So beware of the king; you very well might be his next target.

I am just stamping ppl Got a little bored... Hope you like me stamps Please stamp back as well. Thanks

Ill try not to shoot you down on accident! Oh, and try to find an F-35 mod for San Andreas PC!

heya thanks for signing my guestbook and in return i will sign yours, here is my new stamp its not that good, but it will do


Love from Nikki-Louise

I saw that you signed my gb, well, about 2 years ago, so i'm signing yours as well. Sorry for taking so long. I just really got a stamp, so I'm going through my book and signing those who have sign mine ^^

Have a good one
Hey there monkey_ninjas316

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

Thanks for signing my guestbook so Ill sign back with a hot pic.
·±‡± Wishing you a Happy Holiday ±‡±.

±‡± SoR ±‡±.
Merry Christmas Mr. Chocokun! *huggles*

*insert deep emotional thing here*
... >.>;; *runs away*

Macy! xoxo