Mnmfan minijinx
Jan 8, 07 12:24pm
Girl is not a word I'd use to descibe my Mistress.
Gorgous, attractive WOMAN seems more suited.

Signed at request of Boontz_Lottie.
Boontz_Lottie minijinx
Jul 15, 06 8:46pm

Look! A non-birthday stamp! Still, it's awesome. Hope you had a good one
Jimbo999 minijinx
Jun 28, 06 10:06pm
[img]URL FOR IMAGE[/img]
Testing to see if this works,
Also you are very cool..................
Why won't it let me send this
Jun 15, 06 2:10am
hehe im permentatly banned for spam spam spam. it said i was childish
Boontz_Lottie minijinx
Jun 3, 06 7:02pm

Like my stamp? I made it myself I'm so smart. See ya
Blue Star minijinx
Apr 20, 06 11:31am
helloz, random signing from kumi
lolz i don't even know what anime this banner i made is from X_x


cya around
Noodle8 minijinx
Feb 28, 06 5:48am
i am eleven too, and as soon as i have 50 posts, i might ask you to make me a banner, =)

well, anyways, SPONGEBOB ROCKS!!! lol
Master Mew minijinx
Oct 11, 05 2:54am
Hey minijinx, I have a little show for you. enjoy it or else!

One day, Marth decided to challenge the champion Mewtwo for the SSBM title.

Mewtwo accepts. "OK Marth, but you are in MY world now."

So Marth and Mewtwo began fighting. Both of them exchanged powerful blows to each other one after another.

Neither of them were willing to give up. The championship meant a lot to both of them.

Finally, after an epic battle, Mewtwo delivers a final blow with his Shadow Ball, sending Marth flying he lost the rest of his energy.

So Mewtwo was victorious and remains champion. But Marth wasn't about to quit. So he decided to train more.


I hope you liked it. Now I gtg.

Cute Chaos minijinx
Jan 14, 05 4:17pm
You've been...STAMPED~! Ke ke ke *Shifty eyes*

Boontz_Lottie minijinx
Dec 26, 04 12:34pm
Have a happy holiday season!

Love from Boontz
BILFY minijinx
Oct 25, 04 3:22am
Hey I thought I would sign this bad boy! Cause you made that thread and thought it wasnt a bad idea!!!

Dark Link minijinx
Oct 23, 04 7:35pm
I've seen u posting in Loungin' pretty often so I decided to sign ur guestbook:thick:
Hope u'll sign back, see ya^_^

Ffantasy_gamer minijinx
Oct 17, 04 12:27am

now sign mine or else guestbook
moocoweatsfire minijinx
Oct 12, 04 10:12pm
If this came to you. Meh, i'm signing people's gb for fun, see ya round the forums.
hope ya sign back

see ya
Zen The Wanderer minijinx
Oct 8, 04 10:53pm
Just a Random signing

Enjoy them, and may we cross paths again.
DQ Maniac minijinx
Oct 2, 04 9:10pm
AJP minijinx
Sep 21, 04 4:55am
Hey, Minijinx, thanks for making my banner, so I signed your guestbook, just as you asked. Hope you continue to make good banners, like the ones you are already making

Eagle Eye minijinx
Sep 1, 04 5:26pm
Hey minijinx, what's going on buddy?
You make really good banners, and I also have Paint Shop Pro 9, so I mightmake you some, or Vice Versa.
See ya, Eagle Eye.
AKA: Sarah.
Luxury Jirachi minijinx
Sep 1, 04 10:59am
Luxury Jirachi minijinx
Sep 1, 04 10:55am
Hi, when's your birthday mines 28th june!
Who is your fave pokemon? can you sign my quest book?
From,Clare (luxury jirachi)
Boontz_Lottie minijinx
Aug 30, 04 3:18pm
Hey, here's the matching stamp for my banner and avatar:
gamez expert minijinx
Aug 28, 04 3:43pm
Thanks for making this for me. You'll be the first person i'll use it on.

piro leetusagi minijinx
Aug 22, 04 1:35pm
Just signing your guestbook. Sign Back please.

Here's my stamp:

See you around.
Foxmon minijinx
Aug 20, 04 3:16am
Hi. I'm Foxmon. It's not realy a proper stamp but...

Shodow rodks!
I'll send you my proper stamp, when I get one.
XspurbyX minijinx
Aug 18, 04 4:12am
Thanks for the Avatar of Snorlax! He's cool! Gotta go around signing everyone's guestbook because they are signing mine! You can NeoPM me whenever you want! My normal PM doesn't work. See Ya around!