I want to try out this new team. Anyone care to be my opponent? 6v6 singles only, please. FC and IGN are in sig.

Hello all, I have these Pokemon that I'm willing to trade for an acceptable offer. - 5 IV Adamant Chimchar (Fire and

I have some 5 IV (31/31/31/x/31/31) HA Chimchars in my PC. I'd be willing to trade them, but only for some fair deals. Oh

Would anyone happen to have one? I'm not picky on the IV's, but it'd be nice of it had at least 2 perfect IVs, fe

Hello all! I'm almost close to completing my Pokedex, so much help would be appreciated. :) All I need is: #628 Bra

Anyone up for a battle? FC is in sig. Just tag me in a post if you're down.

Hello all, I have a few 5 IV Pokemon and I'm seeing what I can get. I would mostly like other 5 IV Pokemon. These were al

Hey guys, I've been breeding a lot and I've got my hands on Eevees with 5 perfect IVs. I have seven Eevees with 5 per

Would anyone happen to have a Drought Vulpix, caught in a Pokeball? I have one, but when I breed it; the eggs are inside a qu

I'm looking for a Pikachu, Dragonair and Ivysaur. I appreciate the help. :D You guys can add me too if you want. I have

Well title says it all. I'm really trying to obtain Pokemon with their hidden abilities. :D My 3DS Y FC is 4081-6274-161

Will anyone be so kind enough to help me evolve my Electabuzz and Scyther by trade and then give back? I'd really appreci

Hello to the Pokemon community of Neoseeker! Alright long story short, I've been playing Pokemon my whole life and this i

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