Jan 6, 13 11:26pm
T_T I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my precious chihuahua... Miss her so much and wish I could've done more to give her a better ending...
Jan 6, 13 11:25pm
I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my precious chihuahua... Miss her so much and wish I could have done more to give her a better end...
Aug 14, 11 5:52pm
^_^ Only God knows what the future has in store, but pray for the best for everyone <3
Jul 14, 11 12:48am
-spazz- omg ^w^ mind is swirling with million thoughts wish but will try tomorrow to get back on ball with updates
Jul 12, 11 12:48pm
Sorries been inactive past days internet at home is down, hope is fixed today : /
Jul 5, 11 9:35pm
Le sulk. . . the cuatro is here, but the book to learn how to play it is late. . .
Jun 25, 11 10:09pm
Just won an auction for a puerto rican cuatro :3 Hope am able to learn it well by myself ^_^
Jun 13, 11 10:26pm
o__o why are shiny objects so shiny?
Jun 6, 11 9:36pm
-___- in need of some tlc ~mope~
Jun 5, 11 1:25am
-___- idk why get so bummed this time of year. Theory is 15th year anniversary since left Germany.
May 23, 11 10:29pm
-melts- enjoying few moments of bliss, but need to be careful not to let emotions get best of me. . .
May 8, 11 10:18pm
OMG >////< Really wish had certain older lady friends to chat with, I'm spazzing here. . . -goes to hide-
May 4, 11 12:33am
So... bad news is had art block, but good news is finished Andre's entry! Sleepy so gonna proofread/post tomorrow. ^w^ Friday draws closer
May 2, 11 11:40pm
'__' still fussing on finishing the mother's day pic in time if can concentrate... while also eagerly awaiting new pendant ocarinas ^w^
May 1, 11 7:03pm
Ack! ! ! One week till Mother's day and my present isn't even halfway done. . .
Apr 29, 11 8:43pm
Damn it DX why do you hate me youtube? Let me upload dar videos without error or at least tell me how to fix error.
Apr 28, 11 11:31pm
Woo-hoo! Friday is finally back! 90% done with Andre's post so should be up tomorrow bar any dramas ^w^
Apr 21, 11 7:15pm
DAMN IT!!! Why does technology hate me T^T I just lost an elaborate picture I worked on all week
Apr 19, 11 9:24pm
Wish could find a guy like David locally. . . -gets lonely sometimes so thank you for taking time to chat-
Apr 19, 11 9:05pm
-wishes could find a guy like David locally. . . -

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