Im quite new to neo, so i hardly know anyone, but i mainly visit loungin, our clan and some of the game forums. I have terrible typing skills and nearly always make mistakes when im typing fast.

Stuff I like to do:

I love animals especially herps (not herpes! herps, they are reptiles and amphibians) we have chickens, ducks , geese, and loads of other animlas, but my own pets are my corn snake Oscar, My guineapig Patch, My two rabbits Maisy and Daisy and My two giant african land snails Pumpkin and Baileys. I love all types of animals, and want to get an animal related job when im older.I also love horse riding!

I love photography, i like taking pictures of plants and insects, but recently ive tried other animals and more abstratc pics, im experimenting wiht different modes of photography.I have a photogallery in the photography thread.

Video Games
My fave games are mario,final fantasy, zelda and pokemon but the pokem on games arent as good as they used to be, I think they should bring back the johto region. I loved fianl fantasy x the most but final fantasy 7 was also brilliant, I like all mario and zeldas though! My forst console was a gamecube then a gameboy advance sp, then finally a ds, my brothe rhas a ps2 that i play final fantasy on.

My Favourites
Led Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix
Are some of my favourite musicians but i love bands like the kooks and the killers aswell, there are to many bands I love to describe them all!
TV Shows:
Doctor who
Family Guy
American Dad

I used to be mimi ds


My friends!

Naruto Boy: Also a neo family member, we dont talk mucuh but a great friend none the less!

Final Fantasy Angel:We used to have 50pm +convos every day but not so much anymore but still as gooder friend!

My Neo-Family

Neo Husband - NightmareSpawn(NightmareDs)
Neo Wife - Mimi Ds(mimispawn)
Neo Daughter - Ziggy Bird(Zimi Spawn)
Neo Son - Naruto Boy( NightMare Naruto)
Neo Sister & Aunt - Nightmare Devil(Devil DS)
Neo Sister - Dandy01
Neo Brother - Dark Arcanine
Neo Brother In Law - Crystal Creation
Neo Brother - Dark Arcanine

My Best Neo-friends.

If you are here you are no ordinary person! You happen to be the greatest people they are! Being on this list means i really value you as a best friend!

Nightmarespawn -
We originally started talking through an insult ,but now i really value you and i lvoe talking to you. When i log on and your online i feel happy because i know i have a friend to talk and laugh with!

Ziggy Bird / Celipink -
A great girl! I love talking to you you are so kind and someone i can trust and tlak to about things i wouldnt normaly talk with other people about you are great zig!

Crystalcreation -
I only started talking to you becasue i thought i should pm all my family. But now I pm you because your my friend you are very helpful with Final fantasy X, adn always willing to help me out! Your great to talk laugh and chat with!
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