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May 29, 04 11:43am

Much better than Sim City 3000 and the graphics are much better. The add on for this...

May 29, 04 4:33am
8/10 SimCity4
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  • "is there a way to play the game online? SimCity4"
    Alex00752 Sep 23, 13 7:29am
  • "Still don't know what I am doing whenever I play this game. SimCity4"
    Twin_Master Aug 18, 10 9:23pm
  • "Really difficult to get used to. Novices will definitely struggle with this. SimCity4"
    Machienzo Jul 3, 09 6:02pm
  • "Very fun and entertaining, can play for many hours at a time. SimCity4"
    Weatherlover Feb 16, 09 6:44am
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