jespomo mike tru
Jun 18, 04 12:35pm
Soon your no.1 reviewers spot will be gone as Manwag is only in need of 25 more reviews and he will be no.1. He has only been on since May 2004 so that is what makes his feat even more incredible.
MasterCheat mike tru
Oct 21, 03 1:07am
I've noticed your legacy quite alot. I don't know why you left, but I am commitied to bringing you back. There are so many people here who have never even talked to you. See, your somewhat of a celebrity for those who are on the Top Ten Reviews and FAQs.
RPG_Master44 mike tru
Aug 19, 02 8:21am
I do not know if you will ever come back to Neo to see this but I am on a quest to beat your record of Reviews lol. It is all good fun as I respect all the reviews I have seen by you and think you have been a great help to Neo.
Dudemeister 2987 mike tru
Jul 21, 02 11:05am
I'm writing in your guestbook because your review helped me decide whether to buy 007 Racing or not. Due to the poorness of the reviews, I didn't and I bought Blood Omen 2 instead.
Warsun mike tru
Mar 22, 02 6:22am
thats alot of reviews!

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